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Handbook of Historical Sociology

Handbook of Historical Sociology

First Edition
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June 2003 | 424 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
`The overall conception of the volume is absolutely splendid, and the editors skilfully place the material in the context of disciplinary and post-disciplinary developments in sociology. This is a major contribution to the field, as well as a comprehensive and reliable guide to its main components' - William Outhwaite, Professor of Sociology, School of European Studies, University of Sussex

`It is hard to think of anything that has been left out in this masterly survey of contemporary historical sociology. The editors have done a superb job in the selection of both themes and contributors. We now at last have an up-to-date book to assign in our graduate courses on comparative historical sociology. There's really nothing else like it out there.... The editors' introduction is one of the best things I have read on how the field developed, and the problems it has encountered' - Krishan Kumar, William R Kenan, Jr Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia

'The range of topics covered and the number of distinguished scholars who have contributed to the handbook is impressive, with leading figures such as Bryan S Turner, John R Hall, Gianfranco Poggi and Craig Calhoun among the contributors to a book that covers areas as diverse as post-colonial historiography and the historical sociology of the city… the handbook fills a void within the sizable literature on historical sociology and undoubtedly will be a useful addition to graduate reading lists' - The British Journal of Sociology

What is important in historical sociology? What are the main routes of development in the subject?

This Handbook consists of 26 chapters on historical sociology. It is divided into three parts. Part One is devoted to Foundations and covers Marx, Weber, evolutionary and functionalist approaches, the Annales School, Elias, Nelson and Eisenstadt. Part Two moves on to consider major approaches, such as modernization approaches, late Marxist approaches, historical geography, institutional approaches, cultural history, intellectual history, postcolonial and genealogical approaches. The third part is devoted to the major substantive themes in historical sociology ranging from state formation, nationalism, social movements, classes, patriarchy, architecture, religion and moral regulation to problems of periodization and East-West divisions. Each part includes an introduction that summarizes and contextualizes chapters. A general introduction to the volume outlines the current situation of historical sociology after the cultural turn in the social sciences. It argues that historical sociology is deeply divided between explanatory `sociological' approaches and more empirical and interpretative `historical' approaches.

Systematic and informative the book offers readers the most complete and authoritative guide to historical sociology.

Gerard Delanty and Engin F Isin
Reorienting Historical Sociology  
Duncan Kelly
Karl Marx and Historical Sociology
Robert Holton
Max Weber and the Interpretative Tradition
John Holmwood and Maureen O' Malley
Evolutionary and Functionalist Historical Sociology
Peter Burke
The Annales, Braudel and Historical Sociology
John Mandalios
Civilizational Complexes and Processes
Elias, Nelson and Eisenstadt  
George C Comminel
Historical Materialist Sociology and Revolutions
Wolfgang Kn[um]obl
Theories That Won't Pass Away
The Never-ending Story of Modernization Theory  
Susan W Friedman
Historical Geography and Historical Sociology
Our Honest Toil and the Spatial Turn  
Chris Smaje
Institutional History
Comparative Approaches to Race and Caste  
John R Hall
Cultural History Is Dead (Long Live the Hydra)
Peter Wagner
An Intellectual History Meets Historical Sociology
Historical Sociology after the Linguistic Turn  
Mitchell Dean
Prologue for a Genealogy of War and Peace
Genealogical Approaches  
Dipesh Chakrabarty
Subaltern Studies and Post-Colonial Historiography
Peter Toohey
The Cultural Logic of Historical Periodization
Johann P Arnason
East and West
From Invidious Dichotomy to Incomplete Deconstruction  
Robert Fine and Daniel Chernilo
Classes and Nations in Recent Historical Sociology
Gianfranco Poggi
The Formation of the Modern State and the Institutionalization of Rule
Tom R Burns and Masoud Kamali
The Evolution of Parliaments
A Comparative, Historical Perspective on Assemblies and Political Decision-making  
Klaus Eder
Social Movements and Democratization
Gerard Delanty
The Persistence of Nationalism
Modernity and Discourses of the Nation  
Paul Jones
Architecturing Modern Nations
Architecture and the State  
Engin F Isin
Historical Sociology of the City
Bernhard Giesen and Kay Junge
Historical Memory
Pavla Miller
Gender and Patriarchy in Historical Sociology
Bryan S Turner
Historical Sociology of Religion
Politics and Modernity  
Alan Hunt
From Moral Science to Moral Regulation
Social Theory's Encounter with the Moral Domain  
Craig Calhoun
Why Historical Sociology?  

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