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Green & Tones' Health Promotion

Green & Tones' Health Promotion
Planning & Strategies

Fifth Edition
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January 2024 | 624 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

What to expect from the new edition:

·       Full discussion on the impacts from Covid-19 on health strategy

·       Increased emphasis on upstream interventions rather than patient-centred, individualised (downstream) approaches

·       Increased internationalisation – more comparative examples and international perspectives prioritising northern Europe, Scandinavia and the US

Health promotion is being taught to an increasingly diverse range of students, either because of background, future career plans or the increasing international student numbers. 
This book provides international examples, applicable to a range of health professions, to meet the needs of diverse cohorts. The international case studies provided online also mean that international students in the UK have access to cases that can be more relevant to their own countries.

It can be a challenge understanding the 'softer side' of health science, particularly understanding how to think outside an individual responsibility for Health promotion/public health. The focus of this book is setting out the process of planning, implementing and evaluating successful health programmes meaning that you are introduced to the 'softer side' in an applied way - making it easier for you to see the importance of what you are studying.

Health and health promotion
Assessing health and its determinants
The determinants of health actions
Health promotion planning - a strategic approach
Information needs
Health public policy
Education for health
Mass communication
Working with communities
Settings for health
Evidence-based health promotion

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