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Green Initiatives

As a company, SAGE is committed to addressing the impact our daily business activity has on the environment.

Read our green policy statement

The Green Group was first formed in 2006, and has made some key achievements. These include:

  • Being a founding member of the PREPS database which uses the Egmont Grading System to determine the sustainability of different paper suppliers (
  • Printing our books and journals on FSC papers wherever possible.
  • Monitoring air miles and encouraging employees to use other forms of transport where possible.
  • Offsetting carbon emissions from business air travel (through Climate Care
  • Introducing green company vehicles.
  • Re-using and recycling of packaging and other wastes, including establishing a recycling point in our office and recycling old books/journals.
  • Requiring potential suppliers to answer questions about their environmental practice as part of the tender process.

Our chief commitments focus on:

  • Energy
  • Climate change
  • Waste
  • Communication
  • A commitment to improve


One of the largest amounts of Carbon Dioxide production for SAGE is generated from energy use at our office and warehouse. We actively encourage employees to reduce energy use by turning off lights and equipment, and are also exploring the percentage of energy consumption that can be purchased from renewable sources.

Climate change

The journey of our printed products covers several countries worldwide, with paper being sourced in one location; printers in another; and books and journals being shipped back and forth between the SAGE offices. A major project we are undertaking is to build an accurate picture of all the activities that have a carbon impact, creating a detailed process flow map; calculating the carbon footprint created; and investigating the best options that will most effectively help to reduce our carbon footprint.


The motto of our Green Group is to reduce, reuse and recycle. We review printed waste from our publishing and marketing activities, and office recycling and waste.

We have already made significant strides in reducing waste in our office. For example this year we introduced plastic drinking glasses in place of disposable cups. It might seem like a small change, but at one point we were using more than 3500 plastic cups a month. By switching to reusable we’re saving significantly on this waste.

We were an early adopter of centralised office recycling and waste bins. None of our employees have an individual waste bin under their desk.


Our policy and environmental commitments will be reviewed every year. One of our commitments is to ensure that all SAGE employees are aware of our aims, objectives and actions. Our commitments to the environment will also be made available on our website.

Commitment to improve

This is an ongoing action plan, which will involve us monitoring the environmental credentials and performance of our suppliers, and setting targets for improvement. This is in particular for our printers, but also other major suppliers to SAGE, such as our couriers.

If you have questions about SAGE’s environmental action plan, please contact for further information.