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Governing the European Union

Governing the European Union

First Edition
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EU Politics

January 2001 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Governing the European Union is a completely new introductory text that is ideal for first-time students of the politics and government of the European Union (EU). Each topic is introduced thematically to provide an invaluable and accessible guide to the main issues and debates in the contemporary study of EU politics and governance.

This book will enable students to: distinguish between `government' and `governance' in considering what kind of political system characterizes the EU; trace the evolution of the EU through its political and legal institutions to its contemporary processes and structures; compare and contrast the changing roles of nation states and governance at the EU level; examine major policy areas and evaluate new forms of politics and political culture in Europe; consider the role of the European legal system, the EU budget and questions of democracy, enlargement and foreign and security policy; and apply the main theoretical debates surrounding the evolving form and nature of governance in the EU.

Simon Bromley
Governance and the European Union  
Richard Heffernan
Building the European Union
Simon Bromley
The Nation State in the European Union
Daniel Wincott
Law, Order and Administration in the European Union
David Scott Bell
The Re-Forging of European Political Traditions
Laura Cram
Integration and Policy Processes in the European Union
Christopher Lord
Democracy and Democratization in the European Union
Brigid Laffan
Finance and Budgetary Processes in the European Union
Paul Lewis
The Enlargement of the European Union
Michael Smith
European Foreign and Security Policy
Simon Bromley
What Is the European Union?  

As the book I received is a 2001 publication and as this course is a course that needs to deal with practical developments in the EU, I cannot adopt the book as an essential reading. The book is actually out of date and because of this does not make much sense in the EU discussions, especially about the recent developments. Yet, the book provides a sound introduction to the EU in general, theoretically and historically so will help me as a supplemental text.

Dr Nazlı Bilgili
International Relations, Istanbul Kültür University
September 24, 2012

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