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Good Values, Great Business

Good Values, Great Business

First Edition

August 2019 | 268 pages | SAGE Response

There is scepticism regarding the role of values in business. Values are at best implemented as checklists and codes of conduct and not as a fundamental way of enhancing stakeholder well-being, including employees, customers, vendors and the larger ecosystem. Organizations take note of values only when instances of ethical malpractices surface—be it financial, gender-based, intellectual property and so on. 

Values bring out the best in individuals, teams and the organization by establishing a strong foundation for actions and interactions. Right from improving the effectiveness of day-to-day meetings to creating a culture of creativity and innovation, values form the substratum for every aspect and functioning of the organization.

This book establishes a strong rationale for instilling values in business organizations by demonstrating how values are the foundation for excellence, productivity, creativity, quality and for creating a stress-free work environment. By presenting experiences, challenges, inspirations and conflicts regarding values, the book will help employees at all levels strengthen their conviction regarding values at the workplace. 

Addressing managers at all levels and the leadership, the book pragmatically discusses how to build and nurture a values-based culture in the organization.

The authors examine the subject of values from the point of view of each individual’s personal journey, and finally delve into the crucial topic of values-based leadership, which is indispensable for a culture of values

Foreword by Sunder Ramaswamy
Notes to the Readers
Introduction: Values Are Real
The Power of Values
Confusion over Nomenclature
Cake, Not the Icing
Creativity and Innovation
5 and 5 Become 50
Path to Well-being
Embracing Diversity
Busting the Myths
Symphony, Not an Organization
Building the Citadel
Walking the Talk
Personal Journey
Conclusion: An Unshakeable Faith in Values

In the extremely volatile and competitive nature of business environments across the globe today, values are an imperative for business success and sustenance. Good Values, Great Business presents a refreshing perspective to deal with this subtle subject of values in the context of business organizations. The pragmatic approach adopted by the authors makes the book a must-read for all business leaders, and those who are aspiring to be. I found the book very insightful and easily relatable.

Dr Pramath Raj Sinha,
Co-founder and Managing Director, 9.9 Media and Co-founder, Ashoka University

I have often wondered if the core for building a lasting business is the values in it, why books on that have not been written. The reason could be that the founders of business who have been there for long did create a value system for their organization which was based on their personal value system and no one believed that any guidance is required for that—it is in you or not there. At a time when start-ups are mushrooming and no one knows which ones would be unicorns or more, this is a fitting book that guides how to create a lasting one that maximizes returns on minimum strain in the entire system. 

It takes through the entire life cycle of what ‘value’ is, establishing a case for its relevance and importance, its utility in business and on how to institute and nurture one. It is not an academic work but draws lessons from the various organizations and the experiences of people in them. 

There is a common belief that wealth and values don’t go together, and since business is meant to create wealth it cannot be value-driven. This book amply sets this to rest. Further, one may add the quote from On Human Nature by Arthur Schopenhauer, ‘Who so lies quietly in his own will, like a child in the womb, and lets himself be led and guided by that inner principle from which he is sprung, is the noblest and richest on earth’ (Epistles, 37). It is a valiant attempt, and I hope there should be a series of such books so that Values occupy the centre stage in the organizational journey.

P. Venkatesh,
Director, Platforms and Solutions, Maveric Systems

Wow ... I just kept going page after page with excitement and anticipation of what more would unfold in the book. The authors’ basic belief in the subject of values and their core intent of helping others comes through as they articulate the concepts and also provide some structured mechanism for introspection and development of a value system for oneself. As very accurately stated in the notes, this book is a facilitator for anyone who wishes to seriously reinforce a culture of values in the organization.

S. Viswanathan,
Chief People Officer, NIIT Technologies Ltd

Probably never before, the relevance of values and ethics in our life was more poignant and prominent than now and it is in this background that the advent of the book Good Values, Great Business by Br. Prasanna Swaroopa and T. D. Chandrasekhar, who have been the real practitioners of values and morals in their public lives, assumes so much significance and import.

This endlessly engrossing and thought-stimulating book, which I am very sanguine about, will not have only a limited range of readers, rather the book is for everyone. The open and honest examination of the issues concerning values and ethics which confront us daily in our life, be it within family or society, or at workplace, or within a team or in an organization or in an educational institution which will shape the destiny of the future India, etc., leaves an indelible imprint on the minds of readers, who in turn are enabled or handheld to tread a path of well-being and virtuosity. The unique experiment through use of ‘Values Dialogues’ in the book is really a trendsetter. It adds to the life and vitality of the book.

Last but not least, the kind of reflexivity and experiential learning which the reader gains through this book in the quest to achieve productivity, excellence, creativity, innovation and stress-free life adds to the seminal contribution made by the writers in their maiden endeavour.

S. K. Sinha,
Director (HR), Security Printing and Minting Corporation of India Limited

Although there is a vast literature which educates us to make better business decisions, there is hardly any book which guides us to discriminate between what is wrong or what is right in business-related decision-making. The present book bridges this gap and reinforces that values in business are not a mere legal requirement, rather a foundation for sustainable and successful business leading to prosperity and welfare. The practice of values expounded in the book will lead one to achieve complete harmony in thoughts, actions and deeds in carrying out business activities.

P. V. Madhusudhan Rao,
Mehra Chair Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Delhi; Head, Department of Design, IIT Delhi

In their lucid book Good Values, Great Business, Br. Prasanna Swaroopa and T. D. Chandrasekhar offer us a rational and vivid guide map of a very important region of our personal and professional lives, namely the topography and the terrain that are associated with values, dharma, guiding principles, ideals, morals, character, ethics, integrity and personal conduct. The book is written in a way that doesn’t preach us. Instead, it offers us the prospect of evolving our own awareness of the large field upon which we traverse, and how values play an integral part in making our life’s journey worthwhile and meaningful.

This highly readable book significantly elevates our understanding of values and draws out the deep connection between the creation of values and the significance of right values. An inspiring read, this book should be an essential reading for every person committed to creating a better, more equitable and just world.

Bharat Wakhlu,
Founder and President, The Wakhlu Advisory

Values work like a glue which has the power to bind societies and organizations together in their quest to achieve common objectives. Values are not just some nice-to-have, feel-good corporate spiritualism but actually a business imperative which imparts long-term sustainability to organizational success, both in terms of business results and for ensuring a motivated and fulfilling people culture. And, in my experience, this is true across cultures and countries.

In this well-researched and well-articulated book, the authors explain this concept in a very simple and compelling way, making it a must-read for all those who want to develop strong organizations and personally develop as true leaders.

Mayank Trivedi,
President and CEO, Nestle Xiamen Yinlu Foods Company, People’s Republic of China

When a spiritual seeker and a business practitioner come together, they create magic! Having already read umpteen literature on values, still when I read this book, I found it very refreshing. It’s contemporary, relevant, practical and timely. It reminds us what we already know—that values are core of any successful and sustained business—and then guides us where we often flounder—how to implement our value system in real life.

Shalabh Srivastava,
Country Director, RTI International India

One can point to strong values or the lack of it behind the success or failure of every leader and business. Unfortunately, the quality of coverage of this important subject is still inadequate. Prasanna and TD have fulfilled a critical need of students and industry practitioners by providing a comprehensive, practical and easyto- read book. Good Values, Great Business dispels the myth that strong values are primarily for fraud prevention. It lucidly explains how good values drive sustainable strong business performance. I hope that you would enjoy reading it as much as I did.

Sudip Mall,
President Director, Campbell Arnott’s Indonesia

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