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School Worlds

School Worlds
An Ethnographic Study

First Edition
  • Anuradha Sharma - Assistant Professor of Sociology, Jesus and Mary College, University of Delhi.

October 2016 | 252 pages | SAGE India

An in-depth analysis of how social constituents of identity influence and are influenced by the processes of a specific social site—a school.

School Worlds
 addresses debates on:

• The role that a school plays in the construction of gender, social class and religious attitudes of its students

• The kind of interactions that take place in school settings due to the varied perceptions of these social identities

• The influence of peer relations and the manner in which gender differences are constituted, re-structured and sometimes overcome

The book focuses on the experiences of schooling through an ethnographic study of everyday life in a secondary school. It assesses classroom interactions amongst teachers and pupils as well as the non-classroom situations within the school space, highlighting the diversity in such spaces that help generate notions of identity.


Introduction: Negotiating Schooling Practices
The Pratyantar School
School Practices: Benevolence and Discipline
Classroom Interactions: Pedagogical Pluralities
Beliefs in/of a Secular School
Peer Cultures
Extracurricular Activities
Reflections and Possibilities
Appendix 1 : School Culture: Conceptual and Methodological locations
Appendix 2 : Sample Questionnaire

Sharma deserves a lot of credit for her detailed research. She seems to have blended into the school and won the confidence of children and teachers. Classrooms, playground, the staff room, the dining room, nothing escapes her keen eye. Sharma noted the relationship between teachers and their students, discipline, processes, and the difficult in teaching a subject like English to first-generation learners... The book is worth reading for those interested in education for underprivileged children.


Civil Society, November 2017

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