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Globalisation, Governance Reforms and Development in India

Globalisation, Governance Reforms and Development in India

First Edition
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February 2009 | 564 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Globalisation has brought forth significant changes in India and has generated intense discussion about the national level economic reforms that it has brought in. In the process, the state level reforms have not received much attention. This book is an attempt to fill in this gap. It brings together contributors from different disciplines and presents a contemporary analysis of globalisation, governance reforms and development in India and covers the theoretical and conceptual spectrum, state level reforms, and the social, cultural and political dimensions of globalisation and reforms in the country.
Kameshwar Choudhary
Globalisation, Governance Reforms and Development
An Introduction  
Dolly Arora
Globalisation and Reorganisation of Institutional Space
Its Meaning for Democracy and People's Rights  
Niraja Gopal Jayal
A Democratic Deficit
Citizenship and Governance in the Era of Globalisation  
Kameshwar Choudhary
Governance Reforms and Development in Gujarat
G. Krishna Reddy
Reforms and Development in Andhra Pradesh
Viewing through Rural Governance  
K. Ramchandran
Governance Reforms and Development in Kerala in the Context of Globalisation
Shaibal Gupta
Social Base of Reform Attempts in Bihar
K.L. Sharma
Caste, Class and Globalisation
Continuity and Change  
Surinder S. Jodhka
Globalisation and Agriculture
'Crises' of Farming in Contemporary Punjab  
Sharit K. Bhowmik
Globalisation, Governance and Labour
Vivek Kumar
Governance and Development in the Era of Globalisation
Understanding Exclusion and Assertion of Dalits in India  
Prakash Louis
Governance, Reforms and Development
Scheduled Tribes in India in the Era of Globalisation  
Manoranjan Mohanty
Retreat to Governance under Globalisation
Lessons from the Poverty Eradication Experience in Orissa  
Ravindra K. Jain
Globalisation, the Indian Diaspora and its Governance
Issues, Expectations and Solutions  
J.S Yadav
Globalisation and Information Society
Cultural Dimensions and Governance Reforms with Reference to Print Media  
Biswajit Das
Communication of Culture and Culture of Communication
The case of Indian Television  
Santosh Panda
Globalisation, Culture and Information Communication Technology in India
Vidhu Verma
Globalisation and Nation-State with a Focus on India
Mohan Rao
Health in India in the Age of Globalised Governance
Some Issues  
Anand Kumar
Globalisation, Modernity and Nation-building
An Indian Anxiety  

This book is a welcome addition to Indian critique of globalization. Scholars, academicians, teachers, civil society activists and policy-makers would definitely find this a useful reference text.

Journal of Social and Economic Development

To understand the dynamics of the transition of globalisation from a ‘global village’ to ‘global pillage’…this book is a must. Most importantly, unlike many others in the edited genre of publications these days, it is engaging, focused and highly researched.

The Tribune

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