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Global Marketing and Advertising

Global Marketing and Advertising
Understanding Cultural Paradoxes

Fifth Edition

October 2018 | 600 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Now in its fifth edition, de Mooij’s book presents a mix of theory and practical applications that cover the cultural paradoxes international marketers are likely to encounter in the global marketplace.

By using examples and findings from both classic and recent studies, the book shows how culture affects strategic issues, such as the company's mission statement, brand positioning, global branding, and also the consequences of culture for all aspects of marketing communications. It uses the Hofstede model to help readers see how their understanding of cultural relationships in one country/region can be extended to other countries and regions around the world.

The new edition has been updated to include:

  • Extended coverage of culture and consumer behaviour; the three major dimensional models; the value concept, and the Hofstede model
  • Updated global examples, with new cases from countries in Asia and Africa
  • New content on Human communication across cultures, and new digital media.

The book is complemented by online resources for instructors, including chapter-specific PowerPoint slides, downloadable advertising images from the book, chapter-specific questions and key points, and video examples of advertising around the world.

Suitable reading for students of International Marketing, Global Advertising or practitioners in global marketing departments.

Chapter 1: The Paradoxes in Global Marketing Communications
Chapter 2: Global Branding
Chapter 3: Values and Culture
Chapter 4: Dimensions of Culture
Chapter 5: Culture and Consumer Behavior
Chapter 6: Researching and Applying Cultural Values
Chapter 7: Culture and Communication
Chapter 8: Culture and Media
Chapter 9: Culture and Advertising Appeals
Chapter 10: Culture and Executional Style
Chapter 11: From Value Paradox to Strategy


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Instructor Resources:
  • Chapter-specific PowerPoint slides,
  • Downloadable advertising images from the book
  • Chapter-specific questions and key points
  • Video examples of advertising around the world

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