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Girls Without Limits

Girls Without Limits
Helping Girls Succeed in Relationships, Academics, Careers, and Life

Second Edition

March 2021 | 288 pages | Corwin

Be the caring and positive force that girls need

Social media, friendships, dating culture, academic pressures, bullying, self-concept, fear of failure… These are just a few of the complex challenges facing adolescent girls. In a world that is changing rapidly, it can be difficult to know how to foster effective communication and provide authentic support for the girls that we teach, parent, mentor, and coach.   

The newly updated edition of Girls Without Limits offers relevant insights and concrete strategies that will help you: 

  • Understand the unique challenges girls face, including relationship troubles, social and academic pressures, disrespect and harassment, body image, academic and career choices, and becoming leaders 
  • Teach girls the skills they need to safely and confidently navigate social media and other evolving technologies
  • Empower girls with the skills they need to establish healthy and supportive relationships, build a strong sense of self, and develop the confidence they need to confront negative societal expectations and make healthy, positive decisions 

Combining relevant research, findings from a large-scale national survey of more than 10,000 girls, and the voices and experiences of today’s adolescents, Girls Without Limits equips educators, parents, school counselors, mentors, and coaches with the skills and strategies they need to build solid relationships, handle difficult conversations, and cultivate a generation of girls who are strong, capable, confident, and successful.

About the Author
Chapter 1: What’s Really Going on for Girls, and How Can We Help Them?
Chapter 2: Streaks, Likes, Followers, and Friends: The Impact of Social Media in Girls’ Lives
Chapter 3: Being a Girl Today Is Hard: Gender Roles, Body Image, and Confidence
Chapter 4: Mean Girls: Dealing With Drama and Relationships
Chapter 5: Relationships, Dating, and Coercion: Developing Healthy Relationships in an Age of Sexting, Swiping, and Snapping
Chapter 6: “Lighten Up,” “I Was Just Joking,” “Boys Will Be Boys,” and Other Stuff Girls Hear: Addressing Disrespect and Sexual Harassment
Chapter 7: Looking Out for the Girls: Identifying and Preventing Sexual Violence
Chapter 8: The Pressure to Be Perfect: Stress and Coping in an Age of Perfectionism and Helicopter Parents
Chapter 9: Academic or Instagram Influencer? Why Girls Feel They Have to Choose
Chapter 10: What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? How Stereotypes Are Holding Girls Back
Chapter 11: CEOs, Politicians, and Superintendents: But Where Are All the Female Leaders?
Chapter 12: What Girls Want
Chapter 13: What Girls Need

"This is one of the most candid, inspiring, empowering, and generous books you will read this year. Today is unlike any moment in history. We have an opportunity to transform the narrative and provide genuine, educated support for girls on their journeys. This book reveals what it means to be a girl today and provides adults with relevant tools for having purposeful conversations and creating authentic connections. I highly recommend that Girls Without Limits be read and shared with all!"

Janice Jones, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Clovis, NM

“Dr. Hinkelman is the only person writing about girls who has conducted large-scale, national research on the experiences, opinions, and behaviors of girls. In this second edition, the data from her research is combined with practical ways of engaging with all girls on a variety of topics, from body image and confidence to healthy relationships and leadership. Readers will gain tangible ways of actually relating to girls and teaching them the skills needed to live in a world that is saturated with technology. Girls Without Limits is a must-read for anyone who works with, educates, or parents girls!”

Sibyl West, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Counselor Education and Co-Director of the Frederick Douglass Institute on Intercultural Research
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“As a school counselor, Girls Without Limits prepares me for the stresses that my students bring to my office. It helps me meet my students where they are and it provides a great communication tool to use with their parents. As a father to a young girl, this book is invaluable. It seamlessly  merges research with practical suggestions, insight, and resources that give me more confidence for the road ahead with my family. Girls Without Limits is most valuable in helping me reinterpret and better understand the behaviors, stressors, and unique challenges that accompany growing up as a young girl in this world. Where I previously experienced frustration, I now have opportunities for understanding and connecting with the girls I work with and who are in my family.”

Justin Fields, PhD, Lead Counselor
Hebron High School, Carrollton, TX

“Dr. Hinkelman’s energy and the fresh perspectives woven throughout her work make learning fun and engaging. This is an excellent book to add to your toolbox.”

Marisa Castello, National Board Certified School Counselor
Washington State

Girls Without Limits is the first book I recommend to anyone I know who has daughters or works with girls. It’s timely, relevant, and eye-opening and contains insights and context for understanding the world of girls. It's also packed with practical tools and tips for engaging the girls in your life. This is a pivotal read; it forever put me on the path of empowering our girls to change the world around them!”

Kaishauna Johnson, School Counselor
Chino High School, CA

Girls without Limits offers real insight and practical solutions in my work with girls. It has also changed how I communicate with my own daughter in order to create a more supportive relationship with her. This is a MUST-read for anyone who has girls that they care about in their life.”

Amanda Mariucci, School Counselor
North Union Middle School, Richwood, OH

Girls Without Limits is a must for anyone who has girls in their lives. Combining practical advice with researched-based data, Dr. Hinkelman has provided parents, educators, and other supporters of girls with the tools they need to help girls thrive.”  

Jennifer Ciccarelli, Head of School
Columbus School for Girls, OH

“As a mother of four daughters and a social worker who works with countless girls every year, I find myself needing resources to help me make a difference. Girls Without Limits is my go-to both professionally and personally. It is packed with knowledge on how to manage the ever-changing world of girls. The tools in this book have helped me have relevant, meaningful conversations with girls in a time they need them the most.”

Jaime Fogarty, LSW
Fulton County Health Department, Wauseon, OH

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