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Interested In Publishing With SAGE?

All of our publishing is richly research informed and at the forefront of new ideas in theory in practice while being deeply grounded in the Geographical Imagination.

Why publish with SAGE?: As one of the few remaining, truly independent publishers, we are a publisher, first and foremost. Our goal is to publish books that offer innovative teaching solutions, approaches, and perspectives to the disciplines we serve. While we are firmly guided by the needs of our market, we are driven to publish books that contribute to the learning experiences of students, the teaching needs of instructors, and the practicing needs of professionals.

What we want to publish: SAGE want to publish texts with original voices that make a real contribution to teaching and research; either as a textbook aligned with teaching or an original, authored work that will alter how the discipline is thought or practiced. Methods is a key focus for SAGE and we are always eager to consolidate our methods publishing portfolio.

To submit a proposal, please contact:

Robert Rojek, Senior Publisher