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More About SAGE's Geography Publishing Program

For students and faculty, SAGE’s publishing program in human geography, urban studies, and GIS is the all-inclusive resource for teaching and research. We are committed to providing carefully-designed texts to promote learning, advance discussion, and facilitate practiceprincipally through our methods programin all the disciplines we publish in.

The SAGE list includes core teaching texts like:

Clifford, 3e

Key Methods in
Geography, 3e

Nicholas Clifford, et al.

Clifford, 2e

Key Concepts in
Geography, 2e

Nicholas Clifford, et al.


Statistical Methods for
Geography: A Student's

Guide, 4e
Peter A. Rogerson


An Introduction to
R for Spatial Analysis
and Mapping

Chris Brunsdon | Lex Comber

SAGE’s list is unique in that our book publishing program is highly complementary with, and informed by, our journal publishing program. We publish Progress in Human Geography, Urban Studies, Progress in Physical Geography, Dialogues in Human Geography, cultural geographies, journals on the Holocene and the Anthropocene, as well as Environment and Planning A, B, C, and D, along with the forthcoming Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space.

All of our publishing is richly research informed and at the forefront of new ideas in theory in practice while being deeply grounded in the Geographical Imagination.

What we want to publish: SAGE Publishing want to publish texts with original voices that make a real contribution to teaching and research; either as a textbook aligned with teaching or an original, authored work that will alter how the discipline is taught or practiced. Methods is a key focus for SAGE and we are always eager to consolidate our Methods Publishing portfolio.