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Gender and Development

Gender and Development
The Economic Basis of Women's Power

Edited by:
  • Samuel Cohn - Texas A&M University, College Station, USA, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA
  • Rae Lesser Blumberg - University of Virginia, Charlottesville, USA, University of California, San Diego, USA, University of Wisconsin, USA

March 2021 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Drawing from the leading scholarship in the field, Gender and Development: The Economic Basis of Women's Power helps students develop a foundational understanding of the significant role that gender plays in developing societies. Award-winning scholars Samuel Cohn and Rae Lesser Blumberg have carefully selected and edited a collection of readings that encourage students to think critically about the economic power (or lack thereof) of women, and apply key concepts and theory related to gender and current development issues. From women’s participation in labor markets to their financial autonomy and purchasing power, these readings enable students to explore the economic implications of female power and the importance of women’s strategic indispensability.   

Key Features:

  • Distinguished scholars in the field offer students distinctive personalized points of view that extend the study of women’s power, gender, and development in new and interesting directions.
  • A wide range of countries/regions, perspectives, and issues is explored to enable instructors the flexibility to introduce students to a variety of key concepts in a manner that works for their classrooms.
  • Analysis of the cause and effect of women’s power offers students insights on the inter-relation between gender and development.
  • “Guide to the Book” provides students with context for understanding gender and development, as well as introduces students to the key theories that they will explore throughout the book. 
About the Editors
About the Contributors
Rae Lesser Blumberg and Samuel Cohn
1. “Power of the Purse”: The Importance of Women’s Economic Power: Why Women’s Economic Power Is Absolutely Essential
Samuel Cohn and Rae Lesser Blumberg
2. Guide to the Book
Jasmin Hristov
3. Armed Actors, the Commodification of Women, and the Destruction of Childhood: Understanding the Connections Between Predatory Sexuality and the Violence of Capital in Colombia
Rae Lesser Blumberg
4. The “Created Biology of Gender Stratification”: Links Between Economic Power and Gender Equality From Hunter-Gatherers to Today’s Global South and North
Valentine M. Moghadam
5. Development, the State, and Gender: A Comparative Analysis of Iran and Tunisia
Rita Jalali
6. Poverty, Water, Sanitation Insecurities, and the Challenges of Maintaining Menstrual Hygiene
Samuel Cohn
7. Male Preference and Women’s Economic Power: How Men’s Choices Open or Close Occupations For Women
Manuela Boatca and Julia Roth
8. Women on the Fast Track?: Coloniality of Citizenship and Embodied Social Mobility
Kevin T. Leicht and Phyllis L. Baker
9. Gender through the Looking Glass: The Role of Low-Status Men in the Production of Global Gender Violence and Racial and Ethnic Bigotry
Marie E. Berry
10. War, Women, and the Aftermath: Finding Resilience in Rwanda, Bosnia, and Nepal
Jennifer Rothchild and Priti Shrestha Piya
11. No Way Out: Women in Nepal Trapped in Cycles of Poverty, Gender Inequality, and Economic Disenfranchisement
Jennifer N. Fish and Justin Sprague
12. Authentic Activism: Domestic Workers as Global Development Agents

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Chapter 2: Guide to the Book

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