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Gathering Social Network Data

Gathering Social Network Data

June 2019 | 168 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Gathering Social Network Data provides an important complement to existing books that focus on social network analysis, and offers more detailed coverage than is available in existing chapter-length treatments. In a single centralized source, author jimi adams provides: (1) a broad overview of the unique set of general principles underlying network data collection, and (2) guidance on many particular details needed for the application of these principles to particular research questions. As well as chapters on data collection methods, the book includes a chapter on data quality, and another on ethical considerations.
Series Editor's Introduction
About the Author
1. Why Relationships?
Description, Network Theories, & Theories of Networks  
Types of Ties  
Outline of the Rest of the Book  
2. Sampling & Measuring Network Ties
Network Measurement  
Sampling Designs  
The "Boundary Specification Problem"  
3. Modes of Network Data Collection
Active Research Participants  
Passive Data Collection  
"Complex" Network Data  
4. Ethical Considerations
Voluntary Participation & Informed Consent  
Balancing Risks and Benefits  
Using & Presenting Network Data  
5. Data Quality: Assessment, Implications, & Improvements
Missing Data  
Data Reliability and Validity  
6. The Way Forward
Appendix I: Terms & Resources
List of Abbreviations  
Recommended Additional Resources  
Appendix II: Network Data Formats
Appendix III: Existing Data
Sample Instruments  
Data Repositories  

Sample Materials & Chapters

1. Why Relationships?

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