Funding bodies, policies and compliance

A number of funders require research articles which have resulted from their funding to be made open access. SAGE helps authors comply with these mandates either via the gold open access publication route or green open access archiving.

Compliance via Gold Open Access Publication

To follow the gold route for open access publication, authors have the choice to either:

  • Publish in pure gold open access journals where all the content is open access for an article processing charge. See a full list of SAGE’s Pure Gold OA Journals
  • Or, make their article immediately available as open access for an article processing charge in otherwise subscription-based journals via the SAGE Choice program.

Compliance via Green Open Access archiving

Authors may be able to comply with funder mandates by archiving their work in an institutional or subject repository. More information can be found here: SAGE’s open access archiving policy. For most SAGE journals the embargo on subject repository archiving is 12 months. Therefore, for any funder which requires deposit after 12 months, the author can publish in any SAGE subscription journal at no cost. If the funder requires deposit in less than 12 months then authors will need to publish in a pure gold open access journal and pick the correct licence to be compliant.

Funder Agencies' Open Access Mandates

Please check with your funder if there is a mandate to publish your research open access and the criteria for compliance. There are other resources which may also be helpful:

Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy

SAGE is fully compliant with the Wellcome Trust Open Access Policy. Any article published by SAGE that has had an Article Processing Charge (APC) funded by the Wellcome Trust will be published under a Creative Commons, Attribution (CC BY) licence, Version 4 (effective 1st April 2017) and will be automatically deposited in PubMed Central (PMC) on behalf of the author without embargo.

Read the full Policy here >>