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Fundamentals of Human Resource Management

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
People, Data, and Analytics

December 2019 | 536 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Fundamentals of Human Resource Management: People, Data, and Analytics provides a current, succinct, and interesting introduction to the world of HRM with a special emphasis on how data can help managers make better decisions about the people in their organizations. Authors Talya Bauer, Berrin Erdogan, David Caughlin, and Donald Truxillo use cutting-edge case studies and contemporary examples to illustrate key concepts and trends. A variety of exercises give students hands-on opportunities to practice their problem-solving, ethical decision-making, and data literacy skills. Non-HR majors and HR majors alike will learn best practices for managing talent in today’s ever-evolving workplace.

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About the Author
Part I: HRM in Context
Chapter 1: Human Resource Management
Learning Objectives

Defining Human Resource Management

HRM Matters

Macro Changes and HRM

The Profession of HRM

Chapter 2: Strategic HRM, Data-Driven Decision Making, and HR Analytics
Learning Objectives

Defining Strategy

Linking Strategy With HRM: Strategic HRM

Strategic HRM, Data-Driven Decision Making, and HR Analytics

How Does a System of HR Practices Influence Organizational Outcomes?

HR Analytics and the Scientific Process

HR Analytics Success

Chapter 3: Data Management and Human Resource Information Systems
Learning Objectives

Managing Data

Data Management and HRIS Opportunities

Challenges for Data Management and HRIS

Developing a Human Resource Information System

Implementing a Human Resource Information System

Chapter 4: Diversity, Inclusion, and Equal Employment Laws
Learning Objectives

Challenges and Benefits of Managing Diversity Effectively

An Overview of Equal Employment Opportunity Laws

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act

Additional Antidiscrimination Acts and Protections

Diversity and Inclusion in the Age of HR Analytics

Chapter 5: The Analysis and Design of Work
Learning Objectives

The Analysis of Work and Its Critical Role in HR Practice

Collecting Job Analysis Data

Specific Job Analysis Methods and Approaches

Designing Jobs to Enhance Motivation, Attitudes, Well-Being, and Performance

Flexible Work Arrangements

Part II: Managing Across the Talent Life Cycle
Chapter 6: Workforce Planning and Recruitment
Learning Objectives

Understanding the Labor Landscape

The Recruiting Process

Stages of Recruitment

Recruiting for Diversity

Recruitment Results: Evaluating Effectiveness and Metrics

Chapter 7: Selection Processes and Procedures
Learning Objectives

Setting the Stage for Selection: Job Analysis, Recruitment, and Legal Issues

Data-Driven Decision Criteria for Choosing Selection Procedures: Reliability, Validity, and Utility

Selection Procedures

Emerging Issues in Selection

Applicant Reactions to Selection Methods and Procedures

Deployment of Selection Procedures

Chapter 8: Training, Development, and Careers
Learning Objectives

Training Needs Assessment

Enhancing Learning

Training Methods

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training Programs

Career Development and Management

Chapter 9: Performance Management
Learning Objectives

What Is Performance Management?

Design Features of Performance Management Systems

Conducting Fair Performance Reviews

Improving the Effectiveness of Performance Management

Teaching Managers How to Be Good Coaches and Build Trust

Chapter 10: Managing Employee Separations and Retention
Learning Objectives

Understanding and Managing Employee Separations

Voluntary Turnover

Managing Employee Retention

Involuntary Turnover: Dismissals

Involuntary Turnover: Layoffs

Part III: Reward Systems
Chapter 11: Rewarding Employees
Learning Objectives

Pay as a Reward

Developing a Pay Structure

Pay as a Motivator

Pay-for-Performance Programs

Challenges and Opportunities of Reward Systems

Chapter 12: Managing Benefits
Learning Objectives

Benefits as Rewards

Legally Required Benefits

Voluntary Benefits

Administering Benefits Programs

Communicating Benefits Programs

Part IV: Special Topics in HR
Chapter 13: Employee and Labor Relations
Learning Objectives

Factors Influencing Employee Relations

Organizational Policies and Procedures

The Labor Movement

The Collective Bargaining Process

Failure to Reach an Agreement

Chapter 14: Employee Safety, Well-Being, and Wellness
Learning Objectives

The Role of HRM in Worker Safety and Health

Workplace Safety

Workplace Stress

Employee Wellness Programs

Total Worker Health™: An Integrated Approach to Worker Well-Being

Chapter 15: Opportunities and Challenges in International HRM
Learning Objectives

Global Transfer of HR Practices

Important Considerations When Transferring HR Practices Across Borders

Managing HR Globally

Motivating, Rewarding, and Managing Expatriates

Alternatives to Long-Term Relocation Assignments

Appendix A: Cases
Appendix B: Data Analytics Exercises


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“This data-oriented HR book will enlighten your students as no other such text is able to do so.”  

Antonio Cardona
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