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From Equity Insights to Action

From Equity Insights to Action
Critical Strategies for Teaching Multilingual Learners

October 2021 | 120 pages | Corwin

Your Greatest Assets are Right Before Your Eyes: Your Multilingual Learners!

Equity for multilingual learners (MLLs) means that students’ cultural and linguistic identities, backgrounds, and experiences are recognized as valued, rich sources of knowledge and their academic, linguistic, literacy, and social–emotional growth is ensured to the fullest potential. This ready-to-use guide offers practical, classroom-level strategies for educators seeking thoughtful, research-informed, and accessible information on how to champion equity for MLLs in a post-COVID era.

Focused on the deliberate daily actions that all teachers of multilingual learners can take, this resource guide captures a compelling advocacy framework for culturally and linguistically responsive equity work, including

  • Authentic examples of how educators understand and support MLLs through an equity lens
  • Student portraits of multilingual learners’ experiences
  • Accessible answers to essential how-to questions
  • Robust professional learning activities
  • Access to print and online resources for additional information

Thoughtful probes throughout the guide help teachers develop student agency and foster pathways in their own practice and communication with multilingual learners.  

Chapter 1. Establish Your Why
Chapter 2. Amplifying the Talent, Spirit, and Personal Power of MLs
Chapter 3. Recalibrating the Curriculum to Accelerate Learning for MLs
Chapter 4. Teaching and Assessing to Build Student Autonomy, Agency, and Resilience
Chapter 5. Harnessing the Power of Connections and Relationships

"As someone who has been immersed in the depths of assessment equity for multilingual learners my entire professional career, on a personal level, I am elated to see equity become a mantra being heralded across educational contexts. The mission now becomes for every educator to fulfill its call. Honigsfeld, Dove, Cohan, and Goldman take on this challenge by concretizing the abstractness of equity through student portraits and actionable steps. Together the authors illustrate that in making equity student-centered, educators can be best positioned to leverage the resources of our multilingual learners."

Margo Gottlieb, Co-founder and Lead Developer

"This book engages teachers in embracing the diversity of multilingual learners and focusing relentlessly on equity. Where the pandemic has demonstrated many of the cultural and linguistic barriers that have plagued our nation for generations, this contribution (including its richly detailed sketch notes, student portraits, and sequence of equity moves), shows us how to remove these barriers in a practical and even inspirational way."

Debbie Zacarian
Author of "Beyond Crises" and Consultant, Zacarian and Associates

"This team of authors has brilliantly captured the urgency of the moment as we transition out of the COVID-19 pandemic and collectively seek to advance equity and opportunity for multilingual leaners in our schools. From preservice teachers to veteran educators and leaders, along with an array of stakeholders committed to advancing equity for MLs, each reader will find inspiration, practical tools, and a variety of resources to challenge old ways of thinking and doing while providing actionable insight into the possibilities ahead. The easy-to-flow of the book, real-life examples, and reflection prompts will captivate readers and inspire action." 

Pamela Schwallier
Director of EL & Bilingual Programs, West Ottawa Public Schools

“From Equity Insights to Action is so much more than a resource textbook that should be in the hands of every educator, filled with dog-eared corners and post-it notes for easy reference. It is a call to action, a reminder of the impact we can make in the lives of others and a collection of heartfelt anecdotes that remind all educational professionals of why we begin this journey.  This read provides practical advice, reflection guides and the ability to transform our practice to provide immediate tools for implementation of strategies. Thank you for your voice and your passion."

Stephanie MacIntosh
Founder and Co-Owner, NTC Language Services

"We can and must do better and this is the perfect time to do so. The authors provide the pathway forward to an equity based education for all students in a post pandemic world. The chapters are well scaffolded, engaging and reflective inviting educators to celebrate and embrace culturally responsive, student inspired classrooms."

Lois Baldwin
Supervisor of World Languages & ESL, Hopewell Valley Regional School District

"From Equity Insights to Action: Critical Strategies for Teaching Multilingual Learners is a timely reframing from deficient mindset to an asset based viewpoint. Students come with a wealth of experiences, skills, and knowledge; it is our job as educators to connect with out students and see how we can build on their talents."

Aimee Daddi
ESL Coordinator, Frisco Independent School District

"From Equity Insights to Action is a timely and valuable resource that reflects on the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic while simultaneously imagining a better, more equitable educational landscape for multilingual learners. Each chapter offers a unique metaphor that helps the reader to conceptualize how to leverage insights gained from pandemic teaching and recalibrate what is not serving our marginalized populations. The authors describe opportunities to shift mindsets, change practices, and take action in addition to encouraging reflective questioning about where change is needed. The magnitude of the work is substantial and this resource offers solutions and hope for educators who are ready to make a difference."

Katie Toppel, K-5 English Language Development Specialist
Tigard Tualatin School District

"This book is a timely and necessary addition to every educator's bookshelf. I love how the chapters are organized with justifications, student portraits, multiple pathways for approaching equity critically, and resources/ tools. I appreciated all of the checklists and questions to ask myself. I am certain I will wear the ink off of the pages quickly!"

Sherry Liptak
District ELL Specialist, Chilliwack, BC, Canada

"The call to address inequities in schools has never been louder nor more urgent, particularly for multilingual learners (MLs), whose voices have been muted for too long. To respond to this call requires a methodical, deliberate approach to classroom practice that is intimately shaped by the diverse assets our students bring to the table. The authors offer a clear path forward for educators who are ready to leave unjust practices of the past behind and move toward an equitable future for MLs."

Alycia Owen
International Educator

"As I read this text, I was captivated by the call to action. All learners need these practical suggestions so that educators can meet them where they are and make curriculum culturally relevant to ALL students. Curriculum and education environments should mirror, as well as highlight, diversity, and oftentimes multilingual learners and students of color do not see themselves represented. From Equity Insights to Action: Critical Strategies for Teaching Multilingual Learners shines a light on this urgent need to focus on equity and embrace diversity."

Laurea Myers
District ESL Facilitator, Frisco Independent School District

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