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Foucault, Management and Organization Theory

Foucault, Management and Organization Theory
From Panopticon to Technologies of Self

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December 1997 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This volume draws together critical assessments of Michel Foucault's contribution to our understanding of the making and remaking of the modern organization.

The volume provides a valuable summary of Foucault's contribution to organization theory, which also challenges the conventions of traditional organizational analysis. By applying Foucauldian concepts such as discipline, surveillance and power/knowledge, the authors shed new light on the genesis of the modern organization and raise fresh questions about organization theory. The bureaucratic career is, for example, analyzed as a disciplinary device, a mechanism that seeks to alter rational choice rather than constrain bodies. This raises questions about Foucault's linking of the modern organization's birth with the enlightenment. Other contributions review the impact of totalizing managerial discourses and the limits and possiblities of resistance, and question the profound pessimism of Foucault. The volume concludes by examining the implications of Foucault's later work in which he suggests that people are much freer than they feel.

Alan McKinlay and Ken Starkey
Managing Foucault
Foucault, Management and Organization Theory

Gibson Burrell
Modernism, Postmodernism and Organizational Analysis
The Contribution of Michel Foucault

Stewart Clegg
Foucault, Power and Organizations
Norman Jackson and Pippa Carter
Labour as Dressage
Mike Savage
Discipline, Surveillance and the `Career'
Employment on the Great Western Railway 1833-1914

Keith Hoskin
Examining Accounts and Accounting for Management
Inverting Understandings of `the Economic'

Alan McKinlay and Ken Starkey
The `Velvet Grip'
Managing Managers in the Modern Corporation

Trevor Hopper and Norman McIntosh
Management Accounting Numbers
Freedom or Prison - Geneen vs Foucault

Stanley Deetz
Discursive Formations, Strategized Subordination and Self-Surveillance
Alan McKinlay and Phil Taylor
Through the Looking Glass
Foucault and the Politics of Production

Barbara Townley
Beyond Good and Evil
Depth and Division in the Management of Human Resources

Patricia Findlay and Tim Newton
Re-Framing Foucault
The Case of Performance Appraisal

Ken Starkey and Alan McKinlay
Deconstructing Organization - Discipline and Desire


`This book is likely to be of great interest to Foucault scholars concerned with organisations and also of interest to organization experts with some familiarity with Foucault' - Sociology

`In these days of overwhelming 'labour flexibility', this book is timely and offers new critical understandings. The majority of the 14 authors are based in Management Schools across the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. They all display in-depth scholarly understanding of Foucault's intellectual enterprise.... The strength of this collection - apart from filling an obvious gap - derives from a two-directional approach: from Foucault to managment organisation theory and vice versa.' - Modern and Contemporary France

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