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Foreign Policy of the European Union, 4v

Foreign Policy of the European Union, 4v

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

May 2017 | 1 344 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The European Union's significance as an international actor rests on several foundations. Empirically, the Union's size, scope and scale gives it a presence in the world in terms of politics, diplomacy, economics, trade and aid that is in need of analysis and contextualisation. In theoretical terms, the Union is a fascinating experiment in democratic, multi-state, multinational polity-building the likes of which we have not seen before.

Across four volumes, the editors present the foundational articles that have shaped mainstream academic discourse surrounding this topic as well as a handful of more provocative pieces. The result is a series of maps; at different scales and highlighting different topographical features, which will cumulatively provide a sophisticated and nuanced understanding of this fascinating international actor.

Volume One: Foundations and Design

Volume Two: International Political Economy
Volume Three: Core Foreign Policies

Volume Four: Critical International Relationships
Information Exchanges, Diplomatic Networks and the Construction of European Knowledge in European Union Foreign Policy

Federica Bicchi
Institutionalization, Policy Adaptation and European Foreign Policy Cooperation

Michael E. Smith
Building a European Diplomacy: Recruitment and Training to the EEAS

Mai’a K. Davis Cross
Market Power Europe

Chad Damro
The EU as a Global Actor: Grand Strategy for a Global Grand Bargain?

Jolyon Howorth
‘In the Face of Adversity’: Explaining the Attitudes of EEAS Officials vis-à-vis the New Service

Ana E. Juncos and Karolina Pomorska
EU Foreign Policy through the Lens of Practice Theory: A Different Approach to the European External Action Service

Christian Lequesne
The Normative Ethics of the European Union

Ian Manners
When Soft Power Turns Hard: Is an EU Strategic Culture Possible?

Janne Haaland Matlary
The New EU ‘Foreign Policy’ System after Lisbon: A Work in Progress

Antonio Missiroli
EU External Policy at the Crossroads: The Challenge of Actorness and Effectiveness

Arne Niemann and Charlotte Bretherton
The European External Action Service and the European Parliament

Kolja Raube
Not so Intergovernmental after All? On Democracy and Integration in European Foreign and Security Policy

Helene Sjursen
The European Challenge to Foreign Policy Analysis

Brian White
The Early Days of the European External Action Service: A Practitioner’s View

David Spence
The Consensus–Expectations Gap: Explaining Europe's Ineffective Foreign Policy

Asle Toje
Governing Lipitor and Lipstick: Capacity, Sequencing, and Power in International Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Regulation

David Bach and Abraham L. Newman
The Brussels Effect

Ann Bradford
Mission Impossible: The European Union and Policy Coherence for Development

Maurizio Carbone
What Does the International Currency System Really Look Like?

Benjamin J. Cohen and Tabitha M. Benney
Variation in EU Member States’ Preferences and the Commission’s Discretion in the Doha Round

Eugénia da Conceição-Heldt
Bringing Economic Interests Back in the Study of EU Trade Policy-Making

Andreas Dür
Public Opinion and Interest Group Influence: How Citizen Groups Derailed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement

Andreas Dür and Gemma Mateo
EU-Global Interactions: Policy Export, Import, Promotion and Protection

Patrick Müller, Zdenek Kudrna and Gerda Falkner
Energy Co-operation in the Wider Europe: Institutionalizing Interdependence

Stephen Padgett
The Power of Economic Ideas: A Constructivist Political Economy of EU Trade Policy

Gabriel Siles-Brügge
Foreign Policy and Development in the Post-Lisbon European Union

Michael Smith
Trade Politics Ain't What It Used to Be: The European Union in the Doha Round

Alasdair R. Young
Decision-Making in Security and Defense Policy: Towards Supranational Inter-Governmentalism?

Jolyon Howorth
The European Union and Crisis Management: Will the Lisbon Treaty Make the EU More Effective?

Steven Blockmans and Ramses A. Wessel
Standing Together or Doing the Splits? Evaluating European Union Performance in the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty Review Negotiations

Megan Dee
The EU as a Global Leader? The Copenhagen and Cancun UN Climate Change Negotiations

Lisanne Groen, Arne Niemann and Sebastian Oberthür
The European Union, Democracy and Counter-Terrorism in the Maghreb

George Joffé
The European Union at the Copenhagen Climate Negotiations: A Case of Contested EU Actorness and Effectiveness

Lisanne Groen and Arne Niemann
Trading Places: The Role of the United States and the European Union in International Environmental Politics

R. Daniel Kelemen and David Vogel
Geostrategies of the European Neighbourhood Policy

Christopher S. Browning and Pertti Joenniemi
Multilevelling EU External Governance: The Role of International Organizations in the Diffusion of EU Migration Policies

Sandra Lavenex
The EU’s Non-proliferation Strategy Ten Years On

Andrew Cottey
EU Democracy Promotion in the European Neighbourhood Political Conditionality, Economic Development and Transnational Exchange

Frank Schimmelfennig and Hanno Scholtz
External Dimensions of European Environmental Policy: An Analysis of Environmental Treaty Ratification by Third States

Kai Schulze and Jale Tosun
Capabilities and Coherence? The Evolution of European Union Conflict Prevention

Emma J. Stewart
External Perceptions and EU Foreign Policy Effectiveness: The Case of Climate Change

Diarmuid Torney
Promoting Embedded Democracy? Researching the Substance of EU Democracy Promotion

Anne Wetzel and Jan Orbie
Coherence in the EU’s External Human Rights Policy: The Case of the Democratic Republic of the Congo

Lieselot Verdonck
The EU as a Conflict Manager? The Case of Georgia and Its Implications

Richard G. Whitman and Stefan Wolff
Between EU Actorness and Aid Effectiveness: The Logics of EU Aid to Sub-Saharan Africa

Maurizio Carbone
Trade and Aid? The Negotiated Construction of EU Policy on Economic Partnership Agreements

Ole Elgström
European Union Actorness in International Institutions: Why the EU Is Recognized as an Actor in Some International Institutions, but Not in Others

Thomas Gehring, Sebastian Oberthür and Marc Mühleck
From Cooperative to Contested Europe? The Conflict in Ukraine as a Culmination of a Long-Term Crisis in EU–Russia Relations

Hiski Haukkala
The Development of EU-China Relations

Fraser Cameron
The EU and NATO after Libya and Afghanistan: The Future of Euro-US Security Cooperation

Jolyon Howorth
The European Union and the Politics of Legitimization at the United Nations

Karen E. Smith
The EU’s China Problem: A Battle over Norms

Ayse Kaya
More for More, Less for Less–More or Less: A Critique of the EU’s Arab Spring Response à la Cinderella

Jan Claudius Völkel
The Challenge of Cooperation: Regulatory Trade Barriers in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership

Simon Lester and Inu Barbee
Normative versus Market Power Europe? The EU-India Trade Agreement

Jan Orbie and Sangeeta Khorana
EU-China Relations and the Limits of Economic Diplomacy

Michael Smith
The EU: Standing Aside from the Changing Global Balance of Power?

Richard Whitman
The Rise and Fall (?) of the EU’s Performance in the Multilateral Trading System

Alasdair R. Young

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ISBN: 9781473930254