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Food Security

Food Security

Four Volume Set
Edited by:
  • Mark Rosegrant - International Food Policy Research Institute, Washington DC

December 2014 | 1 520 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Following years of complacency about food security and agriculture, world food prices began increasing in 2000 and currently remain well above long run trends. Research into this phenomenon reveals a highly complex and cross-disciplinary issue, which is fast becoming a defining feature of our times. Fuelled by a huge variety of interlinking factors, including rapid or improved economic growth –particularly in Asia and Africa – as well water scarcity, climate change, and the increasing demand for biofuels, the renewed urgency due to recent high food prices has focused much-needed attention on the challenges of food security.

The articles in these volumes address the major challenges and debates around food security and the policies, investments, and technologies required to reduce or eliminate food insecurity. Organised thematically, each volume is introduced by an essay that synthesizes the topics covered therein, including the following:

Volume One: Food Demand, Access and Utilization
Volume Two: Producing Enough Food
Volume Three: Markets, Value Chains, Trade and Macroeconomic Policy
Volume Four: Food Policy for Food Security

Part One – What Is Food Security?
An Introduction to the Basic Concepts of Food Security Food and Agriculture Organization
Food Security: Definition and Measurement Per Pinstrup-Anderson
Sustainable Food and Nutrition Security (Summary) United Nations System Standing Committee on Nutrition
Post-Green Revolution Food Systems and the Triple Burden of Malnutrition Miguel Gomez, Christopher Barrett, Terri Raney et al.
Part Two – Agricultural Transformation and Food Security
The Role of Agriculture in Economic Development Bruce Johnston and John Mellor
Agriculture and Structural Transformation in Developing Countries: A Survey of Research Bruce Johnston
A Century-Long Perspective on Agricultural Development Christopher Barrett, Michael Carter and Peter Timmer
Part Three – Income, Poverty, and Access to Food
Ingredients of Famine Analysis: Availability and Entitlements Amartya Sen
Inequality as a Determinant of Malnutrition and Unemployment: Policy Partha Dasgupta and Debraj Ray
The Economics of Poverty Traps and Persistent Poverty: Empirical and Policy Implications Christopher Barrett and Michael Carter
Long Term Consequences of Early Childhood Malnutrition Harold Alderman, John Hoddinott and Bill Kinsey
Part Four – The Changing Dynamics of Food Demand and Food Security
Food Consumption Trends and Drivers John Kearney
Alternative Futures for World Cereal and Meat Consumption Mark Rosegrant, Nancy Leach and Roberta Gerpacio
Maternal and Child Undernutrition: Global and Regional Exposures and Health Consequences Robert Black, Lindsay Allen, Zulfiqar Bhutta, et al.
The Global Epidemic of Obesity: An Overview Benjamin Caballero
Part One – Sources of Agricultural Growth
International Productivity Patterns: Accounting for Input Quality, Infrastructure, and Research Barbara Craig, Philip Pardey and Johannes Roseboom
Government Spending, Growth and Poverty in Rural India Shengeen Fan, Peter Hazell and Sukhadeo Thorat
Assessing the Impact of the Green Revolution, 1960 to 2000 Robert Evenson and Doug Gollin
The Asian Green Revolution Peter Hazell
Paying for Prosperity: How and Why to Invest in Agricultural Research and Development in Africa William Masters
Part Two – Water, Land, and Climate Change
Water for Agriculture: Maintaining Food Security under Growing Scarcity Mark Rosegrant, Claudia Ringler and Tingju Zhu
Investing in Water for Food, Ecosystems, and Livelihoods: An Overview of the Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture Charlotte de Fraiture, David Molden and Dennis Wichelns
Revisiting the Commons: Local lessons, Global Challenges Elinor Ostrom, Joanna Burger, Christopher Field et al.
Land Tenure and Agricultural Productivity in Africa: A Comparative Analysis of the Economics Literature and Recent Policy Strategies and Reforms Frank Place
Climate Change Impacts on Global Food Security Tim Wheeler and Joachim von Braun
Part Three – Sustainable Food Production and Consumption for the Future
Sustainable Intensification in Agriculture: Premises and Policies Tara Garnett, Charles Godfray et al.
Food Security: The Challenge of Feeding 9 Billion People Charles Godfray, John Beddington, Ian Crute et al.
Livestock Production: Recent Trends, Future Prospects Philip Thornton
Intensive Food Systems in Asia: Can the Degradation Problems Be Reversed? Prabhu Pingali and Mark Rosegrant
Biodiversity Conservation and Agricultural Sustainability: Towards a New Paradigm of ‘Ecoagriculture’ Sara Scherr and Jeffrey McNeely
The Impact of Organic Farming on Food Security in a Regional and Global Perspective Niels Halberg, Timothy Sulser, Henning Høgh-Jensen et al.
Part One – The Dynamics of Markets and Value Chains
The Economics of the Food System Revolution Thomas Reardon and Charles Timmer
Smallholder Participation in Contract Farming: Comparative Evidence from Five Countries Christopher Barrett, Maren Bachke, Marc Bellemare et al.
Selling at the Farmgate or Traveling to Market Marcel Fafchamps and Ruth Vargas Hill
Mobile Phones and Economic Development in Africa Jenny Aker and Isaac Mbiti
Part Two – Food Safety, Food Quality, Food Waste, and Biofortification
Mad Cows and Bt Potatoes: Global Public Goods in the Food System Laurian Unnevehr
Economics of Food Safety in Chains: A Review of General Principles Natasha Valeeva, Miranda Meuwissen and Ruud Huirne
Traceability, Liability, and Incentives for Food Safety and Quality Sébastien Pouliot and Daniel Sumner
Improving Efficiency and Reducing Waste in Our Food System Vaclav Smil
Biofortification: Progress toward a More Nourishing Future Amy Saltzman, Ekin Birol, Howarth Bouis et al.
Part Three – International Trade, Price Stabilization and Macro Policy
Political Economy of Public Policies: Insights from Distortions to Agricultural and Food Markets Kym Anderson, Gordon Rausser and Johan Swinnen
Trade Liberalization and Poverty: The Evidence So Far Alan Winters, Neil McCulloch and Andrew Mckay
Managing Food Price Risks and Instability in a Liberalizing Market Environment: Overview and Policy Options Derek Byerlee, T.S. Jayne and Robert Myers
International Grain Reserves and Other Instruments to Address Volatility in Grain Markets Brian Wright
Part One – Inputs and Subsidies
Should Governments Stop Subsidies to Private Goods? Evidence from Rural Latin America Ramon López and Gregmar Galinato
Addressing the “Wicked Problem” of Input Subsidy Programs in Africa Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, Thomas Jayne and Gerald Shively
Nudging Farmers to Use Fertilizer: Evidence from Kenya Esther Duflo, Michael Kremer and Jonathan Robinson
Agricultural Mechanization: A Comparative Historical Perspective Hans Binswanger
Part Two – Food Aid, Crop Insurance, and Agricultural Credit
Agricultural Insurance in Developed Countries: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? Vincent Smith and Joseph Glauber
Offering Rainfall Insurance to Informal Insurance Groups: Evidence from a Field Experiment in Ethiopia Stefan Dercon, Ruth Vargas, Daniel Clarke et al.
Persistent Poverty and Informal Credit Paulo Santos and Christopher Barrett
Mapping the Impacts of Food Aid: Current Knowledge and Future Directions Amy Margolies and John Hoddinott
Part Three – Social Protection and Direct Interventions
Nutrition-Sensitive Interventions and Programmes: How Can They Help to Accelerate Progress in Improving Maternal and Child Nutrition? Marie Ruel, Harold Alderman and the Maternal and Child Nutrition Study Group
Interventions for Micronutrient Deficiency Control in Developing Countries: Past, Present and Future Lindsay Allen
Social Protection in the Real World: Issues, Models and Challenges Ugo Gentilini

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