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FinTech Future

FinTech Future
The Digital DNA of Finance

  • Sanjay Phadke - Fintech Specialist and Head Global Platforms and Alliances, Vayana Network

February 2020 | 232 pages | SAGE Response

Fintech is challenging banks and squeezing all our financial transactions onto a mobile screen! Should we be worried?

We make payments via PayPal or Paytm, shop on Amazon or Flipkart, book accommodation on Airbnb or Oyo and call a cab using Uber or Ola apps. The big tech companies are taking care of all our finances virtually while new technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT), blockchain, big data, 5G and quantum computing promise to raise a new storm in the future of finance. Fintech Future is the story of technology disrupting finance—from coin to bitcoin, banknote to cloud and stodgy old banks to AI—viewed from the perspective of whether it helps make the world a better place.

Foreword by T. V. Mohandas Pai
The Business of Finance: An Overview
Fintech 1.0. Technology Enters Financial Services
Fintech is All Around us
How Business of Money Grew Digital!
How Does DNA of Tech Compare to Banks?
Big Tech Comes Calling onto Bank Turf
Rise of the Fintech Startups into Mainstream
The Finscape of US, China and India
Fintech 2.0. Indian Digital Renaissance
Fault Lines in the World of Finance
The Revival of Indian Finance: Mission 2025
Digitization of Indian Financial Infrastructure
UID: Will the Most Ambitious Technology Program Recover?
Digital Business: How Does GST Go into the Heart of Financial Services?
Role of Fintech in India’s Promise of US$ 5 Trillion Opportunity
Fintech 3.0. Technologies That Can Create the New ABC of Fintech
A for Artificial intelligence, Algorithms, Anomaly and Autonomous
B for Big Data, Blockchain and Bitcoin
C for Cloud, Crypto (Ethereum, Smart contracts) and Cybersecurity
Fintech 4.0. All Finance Becomes Fintech
Merging of Fintech and Finance into Finance as a Service (FAAS)
Technology Making Money Redundant?

‘Exponential changes in the next 20 years resulting in the merging of humans and the digital life will surely see the concept of money, as we knew for millennia, undergo a revolution. In the book Fintech Future, Sanjay absorbs us into the world of finance, into its enthralling journey from history to the utopic future where finance has married technology, and they are speaking languages such as artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and crypto. Future may see humans download their minds onto the cloud for immortality as Jethro Knights in Transhumanist Wager or become a space-faring community solving galactic problems as Sunny boy in the epilogue of this book. The world of finance has never been cooler and faster. It is a must-read for the finance and technology enthusiasts alike.’

Zoltan Istavan,
US Presidential Candidate 2020 and Author

‘In this engaging book, Sanjay Phadke not only explains fintech and how it works but also lucidly explains why the new financial innovations in intermediation arising due to big data, machine learning, AI, etc., are likely to challenge and revolutionize banking and finance. It is a must-read, especially for those wanting to understand the fintech space in India’s digital future!’

Viral V Acharya,
C V Starr Professor of Economics, New York University Stern School of Business (NYU-Stern) and former Deputy Governor, Reserve Bank of India

‘Fintech Future lays out the history, background and landscape of finance wonderfully. It explains the interplay of finance and technology and how the two universes inevitably are colliding into one another. It is a good peek into the future of tech and finance giants and how they need to learn to be frenemies.’

Krishna V. Iyer,
Co-founder at SIBIA Analytics and Consulting Services, and iServe Financial Private Ltd

‘While it forms the most common aspect of human interactions and dynamics, money remains an esoteric concept to most as far as details go. From its origins to its evolution and metamorphosis in the future, a demise of classical forms perhaps, ideas related to money have been veiled. In this book, the author succinctly elucidates the past and present of money and large-scale finance, and cogently explores and explains the many inroads that modern computational and communications technology is taking into the field of finance. The impact of exponential growth in the technology front, the ubiquitous and constant connectivity paradigm, the growing technical skills of the user base and ease of use of modern fintech, all of which is changing the conservative landscape of money management, be it banking or payments, is explored in this book with many examples.

The book provides insights into the diverse technologies that have entered finance and how they have disrupted 
the classical modes and models of money in the world, especially Asia and Africa. The analysis of how the current crop of “hi-tech” such as AI and blockchains, coupled with communication systems like 5G, is poised to impact the Indian landscape positively is very informative. As a prognostication and an exhortation, this book encourages looking at money anew, especially in the Indian context.’

Sunu Engineer,
PhD Astrophysics, Cosmology

‘In this book, Sanjay has successfully lifted not just one but two Shiva dhanush, one of explaining how finance as a domain works and second how intertwined it is with technology. It reminds me of one of my favourite books Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari; incidentally, Sanjay also uses one of his quotes in the book. As a fellow author, I can certainly see and appreciate the effort and research that have been put in to bring out this very important yet complex topic to life. Being a technology consultant working in finance domain in London, I am aware of the fear incumbent operators have of the fintechs and Silicon Valley giants for which Sanjay coins a new acronym, MASAA. Companies are planning multi-directional approach to avoid next blockbuster or Kodak of the financial domain. One of the important angles this book brings is deep understanding of both macro and micro viewpoints of Indian financial ecosystem, be it UID, GST or other NBFCs.’

Sanjay Bapat,
Technologist and Author of Historical Fiction Ganga: Truth Unrevealed

‘In a sweeping yet detail-driven analysis of the converging paths of technology and finance, this book gives readers a real opportunity to upgrade their understanding of where the world came from and where it is going. Sanjay’s passion for communicating the wealth of knowledge that he has accumulated over years of being a finance practitioner clearly comes through in his writing and in his enthusiasm for ushering in a brand new world, but especially a brand new India.’

Indradeep Ghosh,
Executive Director of Dvara Research

‘Sanjay Phadke’s Fintech Future chronicles the amazing story of how technology is changing the world of finance. He hasn’t used too many jargons, and that makes the book interesting for even the lay readers. It tries to answer many questions and demystify many concepts, starting from what the use of money is. As a keen student of banking and finance, I find it useful as it offers a bird’s eye view of the enormous changes that the world of finance is undergoing and what it means for the banks, fintech and techfin companies and the customers—you and me.’

Tamal Bandyopadhyay,
Consulting Editor, Business Standard, and Author

‘The intersection of technology and finance will play a big role in our lives, and Sanjay having straddled both the worlds has written the go-to book for understanding this. In the next few years, technology is likely to radically transform financial services, and there is no better book than this to get a detailed view of the Indian fintech landscape.’

Manish Gunwani,
CIO, Reliance Nippon Life AMC

‘The importance of technology in finance is one of the most significant business trends of our times. This book is a mustread to understand details of this new paradigm.’

P. D. Singh,
Managing Director, JPMorgan

“Fintech future is one of its kind, and is definitely an engaging read for those willing to gain an understanding of the fintech and a broader perspective of the tech sphere. This book additionally provides a holistic understanding of the fintech space globally, thus providing a clear understanding of the overseas market.”

ExpressComputer, 28 April 2020

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