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Families & Time

Families & Time
Keeping Pace in a Hurried Culture

November 1996 | 269 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
What is family time? What value do we place on it? How many families today have time to be families? How do families view, use and seek to control time, and how successful are they at it? The concept of time is central to the study of families and is used in different ways: families changing through history; families experiencing the passage of time as they age over the life course; and families negotiating time for being together. Synthesizing these different concepts into a broad theory of how families understand time, Kerry J Daly examines time as a pervasive influence in the changing experiential world of families.
Conceptualizations of Time
The Experience of Family Time in Historical Perspective
The Social Construction of Time in Families
Time Together
The Social Construction of Family Time

Controlling Family Time
The Politics of Time between Families and Society
Gender Politics of Family Time
Intergenerational Politics of Family Time
Toward an Integrated Theory of Family Time

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