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Free Speech and the Economic Crisis

First Edition
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March 2013 | 120 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Fallout: Free speech and the economic crisis

From the United States to Europe, the economic crisis has posed new threats to free expression, from restrictions on reporting and demonstrations to the rise of extremism. Is a decline in trust and a climate of self-censorship dominating the political, cultural and media landscape?

PLUS: the Russian media, lessons from the Arab Spring and the future of the internet.

Miren Gutierrez
Special Report: The Economic Crisis and Free Speech
Juan Luis Sánchez
The Formidable Voices of the Plaza
Stefania Milan
The Italian Anomaly
Christos Syllas
Free Speech Takes a Beating
Nick Cohen
Codes of Silence
Matthaios Tsimitakis
Theatre of Violence
Nathan Freed Wessler, Natalie Haynes, Juan Luis Manfredi and Jana Kobzova
Has the Economic Crisis Had an Impact on Free Expression?
Andrei Aliaksandrau
The Gazette in Crisis
Jo Glanville
A World in Your Ear
Robert Kushen
Seeds of Extremism
Ingo Schulze
Democracy's New Language
Kirsty Hughes
Global View
Christi van der Westhuizen
On the Ground
In Focus
Dominique Lazanski
Splitting Up the Internet
Diran Adebayo
Eyes on the Stars
Zofeen T Ebrahim
In the Crosshairs
Julian Petley
Panic Stations
Tracey Brown
Keep Libel Laws Out of Science
Andrei Aliaksandrau, Dina Takbaeva and Ernest Vardanian
Lessons From the Colour Revolutions
Graciela Mochkofsky
Argentina: The Press and the Maiden
Simon Davies
Turning the Tide
Rafael Spuldar
On the Ground
Mike Harris
Free Speech Battles
Boualem Sansal
A Nightmare with a Happy Ending
Gerard Lemos
Feeding the Hungry Ghosts
Maurizio Regosa
Stop Motion: Shrinking State Funds and Emplty Seats
Kenan Malik and Nada Shabout
Head to Head
Miren Gutierrez
'We Shouldn't Have to do the Job of Journalists': Interview with Kumi Naidoo
What Free Speech Means To Me
Padraig Reidy
Social and Personal

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