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Facing An Unequal World

Facing An Unequal World
Challenges for Global Sociology

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Sociology in the modern world faces many challenges. This edited volume explores significant themes including inequality, structures of power, conceptions of justice and sustainable futures, forming a critical examination across twenty-five individually authored chapters.

This text forms part of SAGE Studies in International Sociology series (SSIS).
Raquel Sosa Elízaga
Chapter 1: Introduction
Part One: Capitalism and Inequality: Globalized Economies and Fractured Societies
Saskia Sassen
Chapter 2: When Extractive Logics Rule: Proliferating Expulsions
Ari Sitas
Chapter 3: Resilience, Resistance and Rewiring the World Economy: A View from the South
Göran Therborn
Chapter 4: Stratification Requiescat in Pace: Paradigm Shift: From 'Stratification' and Mobility to Inequality
Part Two: Economic, Territorial and Social Dimensions of Inequality
Harold Kerbo
Chapter 5: Globalization, Uneven Economic Development, Inequality and Poverty: The Interactive Effects Between Position in the Modern World System and Domestic Stratification Systems
Habibul Haque Khondker
Chapter 6: Poverty and Inequality in the Arab World
Carlos Walter Porto-Goncalves
Chapter 7: Amazonia: Territorial Tensions in Progress
Keng-Ming Hsu & Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao
Chapter 8: Climate Change and Vulnerable Urban Groups: Comparative Analysis of Taipei and Kaohsiung
Chizuko Ueno
Chapter 9: The Coming of the New Class Society: Gender Matters
Susan A. McDaniel
Chapter 10: Duel of the Dualisms: Production and Reproduction Reconfiguring
Hiroyuki Torigoe
Chapter 11: The Historic Environment in Opposition to Social Inequalities
Jean-Michel Bonvin
Chapter 12: The Capability Approach, Social Development and Human Rights
Ana Esther Ceceña
Chapter 13: Two Dissident Ways of Reading on Inequality
Sarah El Jamal & Sari Hanafi
Chapter 14: Framing Arab Poverty Knowledge Production: A Socio-bibliometric Study
Part Three: Reforms, Resistance and Alternatives: New Ways Towards Social Justice
Walden Bello
Chapter 15: The Limits of Reform in Liberal Democracies
Edgardo Lander
Chapter 16: Tensions Between Development, Public Policies to Confront Poverty/Inequality and the Defense of Pluriculturality in South America
Grace Khunou
Chapter 17: Inequitable Access to Citizenship in Democratic States: An Exploration of the Limits of Gendered Social Policies for the Attainment of Gender Inequality
Paulo Henrique Martins
Chapter 18: Collective Right to Life and New Social Justice: the Case of the Bolivian Indigenous Movement
Chih-Jou Jay Chen
Chapter 19: Demanding Justice: Popular Protests in China
Peter Alexander
Chapter 20: Thomas Piketty and the Marikana Massacre
Aylin Topal
Chapter 21: From Tekel to Gezi Resistance in Turkey: Possibilities for a Combined Rights Movement
José Esteban Castro
Chapter 22: Socio-ecological Inequality and the Democratization Process

Raquel Sosa has assembled an incredibly complete set of analyses of inequality written by a range of scholars about a wide range of issues. Incomparable essential reading.

Immanuel Wallerstein
Senior Research Scientist, Sociology, Yale University

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