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Exploring Media Research

Exploring Media Research
Theories, Practice, and Purpose

First Edition

September 2017 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

From Donald Trump’s use of Twitter, to social media mourning, to cyber-bullying: the evidence of media influence today is all around us. As such, good media research is more important than ever, and crucially, is something all students can and should do.

Exploring Media Research is an eye-opening exploration of what it means to understand and do media research today. 
Carefully balancing theory and practice, Andy Ruddock demystifies the process, showing you don’t need huge amounts of time or money to do meaningful media analysis. The book:

  • Introduces students to the scope and seriousness of media influence
  • Shows them how to tie their own interests to academic concepts and research issues
  • Explains how to use this understanding to develop proper research questions
  • Translates key theoretical concepts into actual research methods students can use to explore the media texts, events, markets and professionals that interest them.

Bringing theory to life throughout with a range of contemporary case studies, Exploring Media Research is a thoughtful and practical guide to gathering and analysing media data. It is essential reading for students of media, communication and cultural studies.

Introduction: Communicating Media Research
Chapter 1: Making Media Matter
Chapter 2: Making Media Matter to You
Chapter 3: On Causation: How do media 'do' things?
Chapter 4: Practising Ethics in Media Research
Chapter 5: What is 'Generalisability' in Media Research?
Chapter 6: Researching Media Reality
Chapter 7: Researching Media's Role in Social Life
Chapter 8: Researching the Synthesis of Media and Interpersonal Communication
Chapter 9: Researching Media People: Journalism, Oral History and Archives
Chapter 10: Researching Media Markets: A Cultural Industries View on Pornography
Chapter 11: Researching Media Content: Games, Texts and Discourse
Chapter 12: Researching Media Events
Chapter 13: Big Data: How Can We Use It?
Chapter 14: Researching Media Policy
Chapter 15: Researching Audiences
Conclusion: Historicising Media Research - and the People who Do It

In Exploring Media Research, Andy Ruddock provides the theoretical, methodological, and ethical tools that enable scholars, students, and citizens to dissect the cultural power of media, and to apply this understanding to the creation of a more just society. Written in a direct and accessible style, this timely and provocative book firmly establishes Ruddock as one of the premier media scholars of his generation.

Elizabeth Bird
University of South Florida

There can be no more pressing topic in current affairs today than the role of the media. From questions of warfare to public health, we get our information as citizens from these massively powerful institutions. But how do we interrogate those very entities whom we trust to interrogate others? Andy Ruddock explains all in a patient but crisp, historically-informed but very contemporary book. We are in his debt.

Toby Miller
Loughborough University London

This is a book that is sorely needed: an introduction to media research that is both comprehensive and thorough in its theoretical reach, and absolutely contemporary in its examples, in its applications, and in its conceptualisation of the key targets for media research today.

Graeme Turner
University of Queensland

This book simplify complex media research concepts

Dr Memory Mabika
Communication and Applied Language Studies, University of Venda
May 17, 2018

It helps researchers to gain a sense of direction when collecting pieces of information from the media.

Dr Philip Arthur
Sunderland Business School, Sunderland University
October 11, 2017

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Chapter 13 - Big data: How can we use it?

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