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Executive Functions for Every Classroom, Grades 3-12

Executive Functions for Every Classroom, Grades 3-12
Creating Safe and Predictable Learning Environments

Foreword by Patrice Bain

April 2024 | 176 pages | Corwin

Empower the next generation with the executive function skills they need to succeed

Executive function skills are crucial for students' academic success and personal growth. Yet many of our students lack the skills required to engage in learning, such as organization, planning, time management, and self-regulation.

Executive Functions for Every Classroom, Grades 3-12, shows how, by establishing a dependable routine, providing clarity, and modeling critical skills, educators can create a more engaging and effective learning experience while addressing the epidemic of disengagement and executive dysfunction. With practical guidance to make the skills "stick" for students, this vital resource also provides

  • Three keys to teaching executive functions: Clarity, Modeling, and Routine
  • Discussions on the executive functioning skills essential for student success
  • Strategies for practicing executive function skills in context
  • Practical guidance for establishing a consistent and safe learning environment

With the help of this innovative, research-backed resource, educators can empower students to take more risks, improve their academic performance, and prepare them for the future.

Lost in the Wilderness

Navigating With Executive Functioning Skills

The Two Challenges With Teaching Executive Functions

Why Predictable Learning Routines?

Three Keys to Teaching Executive Functions

Chapter 1. Executive Dysfunction and Disengagement
Struggling With "Studentness"

We Can't Afford Executive Dysfunction Any Longer

Chapter 1 Reflection Questions

Chapter 2. Teaching Executive Functions
What are Executive Functioning Skills?

The Benefits

Clarity, Routine, & Modeling

Self-Regulation Through a Daily Routine


Chapter 2 Reflection Questions

Chapter 3. Working Memory: Beginning Routine
Designing a Beginning Routine

Why the Old Beginning Routine Doesn't Work

Strategies to Make Your Beginning Routine Better

Beginning Routine Example

Adjustments and Considerations

Self-Regulation Through the Beginning Routine


Chapter 3 Reflection Questions

Chapter 4. Working Memory: The Concluding Routine
How to Receive Authentic Feedback

Designing Your Concluding Routine

Why the Old Concluding Routine Doesn't Work

Strategies to Make Your Concluding Routine Better

Concluding Routine Example

Adjustments and Considerations

I Dare You to Try It

Self-Regulation Through the Concluding Routine


Chapter 4 Reflection Questions

Chapter 5. Time & Task Management: The Agenda
Developing Time & Task Management Skills

Why the Old Agenda Doesn’t Work

Strategies to Make Your Agenda Better

Agenda Template

Adjustments and Considerations

Self-Regulation Through Agendas


Chapter 5 Reflection Questions

Chapter 6. Organization: Tables of Contents and Academic Toolkits
What is a Table of Contents?

Why the Old Table of Contents Doesn’t Work

Strategies to Make Your Table of Contents Better

Table of Contents Example

Adjustments and Considerations

Academic Toolkits

Academic Toolkit Example

Self-Regulation Through Tables of Contents and Academic Toolkits


Chapter 6 Reflection Questions

Chapter 7. Accountability: Portfolio Checks
Accountability Starts With Expectations

Accountability Through Portfolio Checks

Designing Your Portfolio Check

Portfolio Check Example

Adjustments and Considerations

Self-Regulation Through Portfolio Checks


Chapter 7 Reflection Questions

Chapter 8. Goal Setting
Why the Old Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

Strategies to Make Goal Setting Better

Goal Setting Example

Adjustments and Considerations

Self-Regulation Through Goal-Setting


Chapter 8 Reflection Questions

Chapter 9. Conclusion

Self-Efficacy and Internal Motivation

Tenacity (Formerly Known as Grit)

Executive Functions as Transferable Skills

Content Area Gains

Family Engagement

Signing Off

Appendix: Effect Size

"Executive functions are necessary for ALL classrooms - relevant to today’s teachers’ needs."

"I believe all teachers k12 can learn from this book. These skills will be necessary for students in college and for their future employment and can be addressed at all grades."

Terri Serey
Middle School Teacher, Hacienda La Puente Unified School District, CA

“This text would be an outstanding start for a staff-wide book study. Systemic change geared towards altering a school culture where every student is empowered to succeed is the goal of this book. It all begins with a caring teacher providing students tools that promote executive function skills.”

D. Allan Bruner
Science/Math Teacher, Retired, Colton High School, OR, 2006 Oregon Teacher of the Year

"It focuses on a type of skills that aren’t really mentioned in other books. I think teachers in all phases of their career would benefit from incorporating some of these strategies."

Dayna Achilli Ed.D.
7th grade ELA teacher, Bristol Warren Regional School District, RI

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