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Evidence-based Practice in Nursing

Evidence-based Practice in Nursing

Fifth Edition (Revised and Updated Edition)

November 2022 | 216 pages | Learning Matters

Evidence-based practice is central to safe, high-quality and effective nursing. However, learning how to critique evidence and apply it to practice can be challenging at first. Written in clear, student-friendly language, this book builds your understanding of the terminology, theory and practice of using evidence. Learn how to evaluate different sources of evidence, apply this to your clinical decision making and, ultimately, contribute to an evidence-based culture in your workplace. 

Key features

o   Each chapter is mapped to the new 2018 NMC standards, showing how what you have learned relates to the requirements of a registered nurse             

o   Filled with activities and student case studies to help you understand how to identify, evaluate and implement evidence-based practice

o   Promotes an evidence-based culture in all aspects of nursing practice, supporting your professional identity and development

Chapter 1: What is evidence-based nursing?
Chapter 2: Sources of knowledge for evidence-based care
Chapter 3: Critiquing research: general points
Chapter 4: Critiquing research: approach-specific elements
Chapter 5: Making sense of subjective experience
Chapter 6: Working with others to achieve evidence-based care
Chapter 7: Clinical decision making in evidence-based nursing
Chapter 8: Using evidence in the workplace

Assists with Module learning.

Dr Alison Wadey
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, York St John University
December 14, 2022

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 3: Critiquing research

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