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Evidence-based Practice for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

Evidence-based Practice for Nurses and Healthcare Professionals

Third Edition

© 2016 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

In the current healthcare climate, it is more important than ever to be able to select and find the right evidence for your practice to ensure patients receive safe, high quality care. The fully updated new edition of this comprehensive book helps nurses and healthcare professionals understand how to use evidence in all aspects of care, with plenty of examples and activities to help relate concepts to practice. The new edition features:

* Explanation of what values-based practice means and how it fits alongside evidence-based practice

* A new chapter on innovation and improvement to help you make a difference in your practice

* Even more examples from a range of professions to understand how different professions work together

* Learning features to make it easier to learn, including word puzzles, chapter summaries and a glossary

It is essential reading for all pre-qualifying and qualified nursing and allied health students who are exploring evidence-based practice for the first time.

Janet Barker was formerly Associate Professor of Nursing at the University of Nottingham. Paul Linsley and Ros Kane are both Principal Lecturers at the University of Lincoln.


Introducing Evidence-Based Practice
Introduction: What is Evidence-Based Practice?
The Nature of Knowledge, Evidence and How to Ask the Right Questions
Service User Involvement
Clinical Judgement and Decision Making
Finding the Evidence
Critiquing the Evidence
What is Critical Appraisal?
Critical Appraisal and Quantitative Research
Systematic Reviews and Evidence-Based Practice
Making Changes
Moving from Evidence to Practice Development
Reflection, Portfolios and Evidence-Based Practice
Practice Development, Innovation and Improvement

Straight-forward, clear information provided for all aspects of evidence based practice, made current by the insight into values-based practice and how nurses can be innovators in practice. Will be useful throughout the pre-registration Nursing course and will provide a good grounding for service improvements for post-registration practitioners.

Mrs Jayne Louise Hollinshead
Nursing, Wolverhampton University
December 15, 2016

Valuable resource for students. Provides useful foundational information to facilitate developing evidence-based practice in nursing.

Ruth Swart
Nursing Dept, University Of Calgary
October 6, 2016

support module outcomes

Mr Hywel Thomas
College of Human and Health Science, Swansea University
August 20, 2016

I have recommended the previous edition of this book and this edition expands searching for and application of evidence.

Ms Julie Burton
School of Health & Social Care, Lincoln University
June 13, 2016

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter 1 - Introduction: What is Evidence-based Practice?

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