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Evaluation Research

Evaluation Research
A Collaborative Approach to Program Evaluation

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October 2019 | 448 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This text will help students "connect the dots" between the methods or design and the work's potential implications across diverse settings and contexts. The book integrates detailed examples to illustrate each topic, grounded in the experiences and real-world perspectives of the contributors.
Adam Darnell
Assessing policy initiatives
Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Tina Taylor-Ritzler
Capacity building
Joanne Carman, Sarah Pettijohn
Cost benefit and cost-effectiveness (alt: financial analysis)
Melissa Strompolis, Megan Branham
Data-guided advocacy
Pamela Imm, Janice Yost, Mary Brolin, Opal Stone
Empowerment evaluation
Michael Morris
Ethical considerations
Victoria Scott
Evaluation in health services settings
Katherine Strater Hogan
Evaluation to support organizational development
Gregory Townley
Geographic Information Systems
Virginia Covill
Internal evaluation within nonprofit organizations
Jenna Watling Neal, Zachary Neal
Network analysis
Andrew Case
Qualitative methods
Pennie Foster-Fishman
System-wide evaluation / Evaluation to support system-change efforts
Cindy Crusto
Cultural sensitivity and responsiveness in evaluation research

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