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Evaluation Management

Evaluation Management
How to Commission and Conduct Evaluations that Matter

First Edition

March 2024 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Evaluation Management: How to Commission and Conduct Evaluations that Matter helps evaluation teams and commissioners achieve results that meet utilization and organizational learning goals and inform positive change for programs and communities. Tessie Tzavaras Catsambas and E. Jane Davidson provide insights on both the tactical and strategic levels of evaluation management, using approaches and skills from project management, administration and logistics, budgeting, team management, leadership development, communication, coaching, systems thinking, and negotiation. They also demonstrate how intentionality for equity, sustainability and culturally responsive practices is essential for ensuring an evaluation’s relevance and enhancing productive stakeholder engagement. With plenty of practical guidance from many years of experience, the authors provide a valuable resource for student readers, experienced evaluators, and commissioners of evaluation.

Chapter 1. Overview Of Evaluation Management
Chapter 2. Commissioning Great Evaluations
Chapter 3. Pre-Start Up: Analyzing the Evaluation Requirements
Chapter 4. Managing The Evaluation Contract Start-Up
Chapter 5. Managing The Evaluation Team
Chapter 6. Managing Data Collection
Chapter 7. Managing Data Analysis
Chapter 8. Managing Evaluation Reporting
Chapter 9: Managing Evaluation Use and Influence
Chapter 10. Building Evaluation Management Capacity for Evaluation Commissioners

Evaluation quality and use depend on evaluation management. That makes this book essential for all evaluation professionals and commissioners of evaluations.

Michael Quinn Patton
Utilization-Focused Evaluation

This is a comprehensive "one-stop shop" guide for evaluation practitioners and evaluation managers: practical, succinct, and full of common-sense advice and wisdom. It shows that the authors speak from experience and expertise.

Huilan Krenn
W.K. Kellogg Foundation

A savvy introduction to evaluation management by authors who had, independently from each other and almost alone in the community, provided insight on this topic. Evaluation will look more significant and worthwhile if managed the way it is suggested in this book.

Nicoletta Stame
Sapienza University of Roma, Italy

Catsambas and Davidson provide a practical, easy-to-read overview of how to manage program evaluations.

Marcus Galeste
Arizona State University

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