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Ethnic Conflict

Ethnic Conflict

Four Volume Set
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September 2009 | 1 528 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Ethnic conflicts in various scales and forms are a feature of the post-Cold War international landscape from which no region of the world is completely free. In terms of impact, it has been equally devastating for both developed and developing states. Therefore, there has never been a more appropriate time to study ethnic conflict in all its dimensions. This four-volume collection examines the many facets of ethnic conflict including their causes, consequences and resolution.

Volume I - Ethnic Identity includes articles dealing with the various interpretations and meanings of ethnicity and the debate surrounding the formation, persistence and salience of ethnic identity. Volume II - Causes of Ethnic Conflict focuses on causal explanations of ethnic conflict. Volume III - The Consequences of Ethnic Conflict then focuses on the consequences or impacts of ethnic conflict. Finally Volume IV - The Settlement of Ethnic Conflict discusses articles that cover the settlement of ethnic conflict.

Volume I: Ethnic Identity
Volume II: Causes of Ethnic Conflict
Volume III: The Consequences of Ethnic Conflict
Volume IV: The Settlement of Ethnic Conflict