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Ethical Dimensions of International Management

Ethical Dimensions of International Management

December 1996 | 240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Examining the relationship of cross-cultural differences to ethical behaviour, this book helps readers understand the subtleties and nuances of ethical management practices across nations. This innovative work uses short vignettes to illustrate each of its points, while comparing and analyzing the primary influences on ethical behaviour such as parenting, education, law, organizational cultures and human resource management.

Special features of the book include: an extensive review and summary of relevant research literature; extensive coverage of a variety of nationalities and cultures; and a direct comparison between Japan and the United States. Each chapter begins with several short cases and ends with discussion questions. The book concludes by analyzing the degree to which ethical systems of different nations may converge or diverge in coming years.

Culture and Managerial Ethical Behaviors
Comparing Managerial Ethical Practices and Propensities across Nations
National Values and Ethical Situational Predictions
Transmitting Cultural Values
Socialization, Education, and Religion

Secondary Influences on Managerial Behaviors
Laws, HRM Systems, and Organizational Cultures

Culture and Managerial Ethical Behaviors
An In-Depth Look at Japan

Culture and Managerial Ethical Behaviors
An In-Depth Look at the United States

Cross-Cultural Managerial Ethical Behaviors
Continued Divergence or toward Greater Convergence?


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