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Essentials of Terrorism

Essentials of Terrorism
Concepts and Controversies

Sixth Edition
  • Gus Martin - California State University, Dominguez Hills, USA

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January 2022 | 384 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Captivating, concise, and accessible, Essentials of Terrorism: Concepts and Controversies covers key foundational topics by defining terrorism and introducing its history and causes. Author Gus Martin introduces readers to the modern landscape of terrorism, discusses terrorist environments (domestic, international, religious, etc.), as well as tactics, targets, and counterterrorism. Included in this 6th edition is an added focus on U.S. hate crimes and homeland security, in addition to new introductory discussions, information, and data throughout each chapter. 

Part I Understanding Terrorism: A Conceptual Review
Chapter 1 Defining Terrorism
Chapter 2 Historical Perspectives and Ideological Origins
Chapter 3 Causes of Terrorist Violence
Chapter 4 Terrorist Violence and The Role Of The Media
Part II Terrorist Environments
Chapter 5 Terrorism By The State
Chapter 6 Terrorism By Dissidents
Chapter 7 Religious Terrorism
Chapter 8 International Terrorism
Chapter 9 Domestic Terrorism In The United States
Part III The Terrorist Battleground
Chapter 10 Counterterrorism And The War On Terrorism
Chapter 11 Homeland Security
Chapter 12 Future Trends And Projections

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ISBN: 9781071814048