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Essentials of Nursing Adults

Essentials of Nursing Adults

First Edition
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Adult Nursing

November 2018 | 792 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Drawing together the best of text, video and interactive material for the definitive guide to adult nursing.

This one-stop-shop will enable students to understand the core aspects of care, learn the essential nursing skills and knowledge that underpin practice, deal with the complexities of the role and apply their learning to common conditions and patient groups. It has been developed in line with the 2018 NMC standards to provide a complete learning resource for adult nursing students.

Key features:

  • Uses patient centered care and evidence-based practice as guiding principles throughout
  • Clear and engaging features to help students understand the core theory and knowledge, apply it to nursing practice, revise for assessments and exams, and go further in their independent study.
  • 12 months free access to an interactive eBook version, meaning you can access the book anytime.

The book is supported by online resources, including links to up to 100 instructional videos, case studies and accompanying questions, access to selected SAGE journal articles, weblinks, multiple-choice quizzes, and glossary flashcards.

Designed to make learning flexible and fun, leaving students better prepared for practice and ready to thrive in their future careers.

Part One: Principles of Nursing Adults
Chapter 1: Nursing adults: the context of care delivery
Chapter 2: Patient centred care
Chapter 3: Professional values
Chapter 4: Safeguarding and the vulnerable adult
Chapter 5: Patient safety and quality improvements
Chapter 6: Research and evidence based practice in nursing
Chapter 7: Health promotion
Part Two: Aspects of Nursing Adults
Chapter 8: The fundamentals of care in nursing adults
Chapter 9: Assessment and care of the adult with acute needs
Chapter 10: Preparing adults for surgery, peri and post-operative surgical care
Chapter 11: Pain and symptom control - assessment and management
Chapter 12: Clinical investigations
Chapter 13: Medication management and administration
Chapter 14: Infection prevention and control
Part Three: Managing Nursing Care of Adults with Complex and High Dependency Needs
Chapter 15: Care of the pregnant women
Chapter 16: Care of the highly dependent and critically ill adult
Chapter 17: Care of the frail older adult
Chapter 18: Care of the adult with long-term conditions
Chapter 19: Care of the adult with mental health issues
Chapter 20: Care of the adult with dementia
Chapter 21: Care of the adult with learning disability
Chapter 22: Care of the adult with cancer
Chapter 23: Care of the adult at the end of life
Part Four: Managing Nursing Care of Adults with Specific Conditions
Chapter 24: Care of the adult with a respiratory condition
Chapter 25: Care of the adult with a cardiac condition
Chapter 26: Care of the adult with a vascular condition
Chapter 27: Care of the adult with a neurological condition
Chapter 28: Care of the adult with a urinary/renal condition
Chapter 29: Care of the adult with an endocrine condition
Chapter 30: Care of the adult with an immunological condition
Chapter 31: Care of the adult with a musculoskeletal condition
Chapter 32: Care of the adult with a hematological condition
Chapter 33: Care of the adult with a dermatological condition
Chapter 34: Care of the adult with a gastrointestinal condition
Chapter 35: Care of the adult with a nutritional condition
Part Five: Being a Professional Adult Nurse
Chapter 36: Leadership and management in nursing adults
Chapter 37: Decision making and accountability
Chapter 38: Lifelong learning and continuing professional development
Chapter 39: The Role of the Nurse as Teacher and Educator


Click for online resources
  • Links to up to 100 instructional videos
  • Case studies and accompanying questions
  • Access to selected SAGE journal articles
  • Web links to relevant information
  • Multiple-choice quizzes
  • Glossary flashcards
  • Answers to in-book activities: Activity Answers, Case Study Answers, and What’s the Evidence Answers

Essentials of Nursing Adults gives a broad introduction to adult nursing, by recognising that student nurses have to engage with not only their own choice of nursing but that they have to engage with all fields of practice.

Catherine Savin, Adult Nursing Lecturer, University of Salford

The Essentials of Nursing Adults helped me to understand the module on person centered care.  It’s the best book by far that I have read in nursing. It’s brilliantly easy to read and understand.

Cillian Ryan
Adult Nursing Student, Kingston University

The book is general in its approach, yet covers the essentials of care for any student nurse. The book is multicultural and diverse in the examples it provides, which mirrors the population. I would say that this book should be on the essential reading list for all pre-registration students. The book is current in its approach to using web links, and additional resources, plus the exercises are helpful, and I believe that academics could use this to support their teaching and self-directed study sections. Layout is really nice and appealing. The book also covers things such as lifelong learning which is extremely important for students to understand when they embark on their nursing education. This book would avoid the need for students to buy several books as they would have all in one place. An excellent book- well done to the authors!

Dr Nicola Morrell-Scott, Senior Lecturer in Nursing, Liverpool John Moores University