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Essentials of Literacy from 0-7

Essentials of Literacy from 0-7
A Whole-Child Approach to Communication, Language and Literacy

Second Edition
  • Tina Bruce - Honorary Visiting Professor at University of Roehampton
  • Jenny Spratt - Peterborough City Council

March 2011 | 184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Children flourish in their development and learning when practitioners and parents work together. Childrens' development and learning are further enhanced when interconnected knowledge and understanding work together.

In this new edition the authors guide readers in understanding of child development. They highlight the need for those who work with young children to become reflective practitioners. Through a focus on the introduction of nursery rhymes, finger rhymes, action songs and poetry cards, the authors provide a gentle, child-friendly way to develop literacy 0-7.

Thoroughly revised and updated, this book includes:

- Case studies and examples

- Discussion of the primary framework

- Inclusion of schools as an educational setting

- Age-appropriate activities

- Further reading suggestions at the end of each chapter

This book is useful for teachers, practitioners, teaching assistants and childminders and for anyone working with children from birth to seven years in nursery and primary schools, children's centres, foundation units, and at home.

Tina Bruce is an Honorary visiting professor in Early Childhood at Roehampton University.

Jenny Spratt is Head of EYFS and Children's Centre Services for Peterborough Local Authority

Introducing the Essentials of Communication, Language and Literacy
Observing Children in an Enabling Environment
Parent/Baby Songs
Finger Rhymes
Mark-Making and Writing
Action Songs: On the Spot
Action Songs: Moving around
Nursery Rhymes
Poetry Cards: Mapping Sounds onto Letters

'In reading this book practitioners may be able to gain a vast repertoire of activities that supports the young literate in their classroom. This practical guide demonstrates how one might go about

teaching the vital sub-skills of emergent literacy development in authentic and purposeful ways'
-Andrew Sinko, Educate

'This is more than an excellent text book for early years practitioners and students, it is a delight! Tina Bruce and Jenny Spratt have managed to combine authoritative insights about language, literacy and child development with a celebration of the rich poetic resources of the English language. The authors explain the essentials of literacy in terms of children's earliest experiences of human relationships and communication, physical movement, symbol making and using, play, conversations, the sounds and rhythms of language and high well-being. Bruce and Spratt go on to describe a rich resource of time-honoured traditional material that is just waiting to be used in language play and experimentation and literacy learning and teaching. This celebration of action songs, finger rhymes, nursery rhymes, stories and poetry and the provision of carefully annotated photographs make this a very special book. The text empowers practitioners (and the children they nurture and teach) as it explains the complexity of literacy learning, clarifies linguistic technical jargon and emphasises the joy and creativity of good literacy learning experiences. This is a book to keep close to hand and it is the perfect antidote to the misguided notion that 'reading is simple'!' -
Marian Whitehead

This book is a great resource to support Unit 9 - Emerging Children's literacy and it has supported my learners' to look wider for quotes and theory to support their coursework.

Mrs Emma Ruth Bleasdale
Education, New College Pontefract
November 30, 2022

A lovely book which looks at literacy from a practitioner point of view. Some super ideas and easy to understand explanations of promoting literacy in the early years. Some lovely relevant images reinforce the information

Mrs Stephanie Schofield
Accounting, Newcastle College
July 6, 2017

This is a great book to support understanding of literacy of young children. There are some lovely examples to use in practice included, and detailed reflection of how these aid learning and development. This book is truly focused on literacy, yet covers a range of factors that impinge on children's literacy development, such as, for example, the role of parents. Some of the content reminded me of my first ever teaching resource book - This Little Puffin!

Mrs Nicola Sperrin
Education & Community, University College Birmingham
March 18, 2016

A must read for all early years students

Ms liz major
Early Years Department, West Herts College
June 16, 2016

Covers all aspects of literacy development. Useful and informative, and easy to access for undergraduate students.

Miss Louise Kay
Department of Education, Huddersfield University
July 3, 2015

Chapter 5 on mark making and writing will be recommended to support a taught session on the Communication, Language and Literacy module for second year B.Ed students. The colour pictures are particularly useful as examples for students to examine.

Mr Ian Barrett
Department of Education, London Metropolitan Uni (North Campus)
May 1, 2013

I have highly recommended this for my students studying in their childcare course and further teaching courses which they are hoping to continue with.

Mrs Donna O'Connor
EYCYP, NWRC Strabane Campus
April 18, 2013

A great book that has helped the students with thier childcare course Unit 35 in particular. this has been recommended to the students and to the college library.

Miss Naomi Whale
childcare, City of Bath College
February 18, 2013

We are going to use chapters from this text with our Early Years trainees in all three years.

Mrs Elizabeth Dunn
Please select your department, Edge Hill University
July 4, 2012

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