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Essential Psychology

Essential Psychology

Second Edition
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Essential Psychology returns for a second edition with a vivid narrative writing style for undergraduates, features designed to stimulate critical thinking and inspire students to learn independently, and an expanded companion website full of useful resources for lecturers and students. This comprehensive introductory text is relevant for both the specialist and non-specialist psychology student, challenging those who studied psychology before university while remaining accessible to those who did not.

The 2nd edition:

  • Gives students a firm foundation in all areas covered on accredited British Psychological Society degree courses
  • Includes new chapters on psychopathology, research methods, language, motivation and emotion, lifespan development, health psychology, forensic psychology and critical social psychology
  • Relates theory to the real world to help students think about where they will employ their degree after undergraduate study
  • Comes with a SAGE edge companion website with a suite of resources to enhance the learning experience (
PART I: The Foundations of Modern Psychology: What We Know About Human Beings
Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time...The Evolution of Human Behaviour
Chapter 2: How Psychology Became a Science
Chapter 3: Issues and Debates in Psychology
Chapter 4: Doing Psychological Research
PART II: Cognitive Psychology: How We Think and Make Sense of the World
Chapter 5: Memory
Chapter 6: An Introduction to Sensation, Perception and Attention
Chapter 7: Thinking and Problem Solving
Chapter 8: Language
PART III: Biological Psychology: How Our Brains Affect Our Behaviour
Chapter 9: The Human Nervous System: Functional Anatomy
Chapter 10: Communication within the Brain
Chapter 11: Brain and Behaviour: Sex Differences
Chapter 12: Motivation and Emotion
PART IV: Social Psychology: How We Interact with Each Other
Chapter 13: Behaviour within Groups
Chapter 14: Behaviour between Groups
Chapter 15: Social Judgements and Behaviour
Chapter 16: Critical Social Psychology
PART V: Developmental Psychology: How We Grow and Change
Chapter 17: Development during the Early Years
Chapter 18: Development during the School Years
Chapter 19: Atypical Child Development
Chapter 20: Adolescence, Adulthood and Ageing
PART VI: The Psychology of Individual Differences: How We Know and Measure Our Individuality
Chapter 21: Personality
Chapter 22: Intelligence: Measuring the Mind
Chapter 23: Self
PART VII: Applied Psychology: How We Use Psychology
Chapter 24: Psychopathology: Theories and Causes
Chapter 25: Psychological Interventions
Chapter 26: Health Psychology
Chapter 27: Forensic Psychology


Companion website

This textbook comes with SAGE Edge ( which offers a range of open access online tools and resources that lecturers can use to help integrate quality content and create a rich learning environment for students, and which students can use to reinforce knowledge retention and check progress throughout their course.

For Students it provides a personalised approach to help accomplish coursework goals in an easy-to-use environment and features:

  • Mobile-friendly eFlashcards which strengthen understanding of key terms and concepts
  • Mobile-friendly practice quizzes that allow you to assess your understanding of course material
  • Links to online videos that offer a new perspective and an alternative learning style
  • An online action plan which allow you to individualise your learning experience
  • Summaries and learning objectives for each chapter that reinforce the most important material

For Instructors it supports teaching by making it easy to integrate quality content and create a rich learning environment for students. Instructor resources for this book include:

  • Testbanks including 25 multiple choice and 3 short answer questions per chapter
  • PowerPoint slides for each chapter that can be edited for use in teaching

This book has a great structure. The contents of the book is simple and has enabled students that I've shown this book to find the information required to support their assignments.

The design of the book - with it's images and colour makes it more captivating and easier to read.

The book is suitable for my level 3 students as well as my access students. This book has been popular with some students adding it to their e-book downloads in preparation for university.

Miss Laura Cobbin
Education, Peterborough Regional College
June 2, 2016

Fit in My Course because My students aren't native speaker & need to a text book for psychology in English.

Dr Amir Hossein Ashna
Psychology , Refah University college
February 26, 2016

This is a very useful textbook offering a broad yet informative overview of the psychology discipline.
It will be very useful to my students who wish to glean a overview of some key elements of psychology to support their course work. The inclusion of key studies and key researchers is an excellent jumping off point to those who wish to know more.

Mr Ian Michael McGonagle
Health , Lincoln University
February 24, 2016

Clear and informative. Easy to read and comprehend.

Mrs Pam Lavender
Professional Development, South Staffordshire College
November 12, 2015

Fantastic for theory!

Miss Amber Rose Maloney
public services, Sheffield College
October 14, 2015

This book provides a readable overview of the basic tenets in psychology. Students taking educational psychology courses without any former formal study of psychology would benefit from reading it to widen their knowldege of the subject.

Dr Victor Martinelli
Education Studies, University of Malta
September 4, 2015

A good general textbook that covers several key area of psychology. I believe this text is a great introduction to psychology.

Mr Adam Stephen Parkin
Dept of Psychology & Social Change, Manchester Metropolitan University
August 17, 2015

An excellent introduction to many key concepts and areas.

Mr Dan Warrender
The School of Nursing & Midwifery, Robert Gordon University
July 30, 2015

A comprehensive review of areas covered that is straight forward and easy to read.

Miss Rebecca Elizabeth Pace
Health & Social Care, Walbottle Campus
July 17, 2015

An incredibly detailed yet straightforward to understand text which allows the reader to access topics in Psychology at greater depth than covered in A level and also consider other areas beyond the A level syllabus to promote a real interest in the subject. A good balance of classic studies along with examples of contemporary research. A great book for any college student considering progressing to HE to study Psychology

Mrs Suzi Smale
Petroc, Petroc
July 9, 2015

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Chapter 24: Psychopathology

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