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Environmentally Sustainable Business

Environmentally Sustainable Business
A Local and Regional Perspective

May 1995 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Environmentally sustainable business development is an issue of considerable interest to both the academic and policy communities. However, many of the books written on this subject have tended to neglect the important role played by local and regional factors in determining the successes or failures of attempts to achieve environmentally sustainable development.

Drawing upon case studies and other illustrative material, three major themes are explored: the origins and consequences of the major environmental problems that face economic activities; the major contextual and operational issues that confront business; and ways of improving the environmental performance and management of business and the role that such activities can play in local and regional development.

The overall structure of the book moves from the global to the local level. Detailed case studies on a local and regional scale illustrate the importance of local action in ensuring the greening of businesses and the contribution that environmentally responsible economic activities can make to achieving sustainable development.

Environmental Problems and Opportunities
The Economics of the Environment
The Sociopolitical and Legal Context
Organisation, Operational Matters and Industrial Structure
Environmental Assessment
Environmental Strategies, Systems and Operational practices
Environmental Business Opportunities
The Role of Environmentally Sustainable Business in Local and Regional Development
Towards Integrated Environmental Development
Environmental Challenges and the Business Response

`This book is to be welcolmed as a rare contribution to this debate. Peter Roberts' concern in this book is to introduce the spatial element of analysis into the study of business-environment relations' - Urban Studies

'The major issues are addressed clearly and the complex interrelations discussed well. The discussion flows logically and easily and the different sections knit together well' - Andrew Gouldson, University of Hull

'Gives much food for thought for all those in control of business as well as for environmental managers, auditors and assessors' - Environmental Scientist

'Exceptionally accessible and should be very user-friendly for both students and lecturers with little detailed knowledge of the issues' - Social and Environmental Accounting

'This is a worthwhile introduction to current patterns of environmental management in business which can be recommend especially for students' - Town and Country Planning

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ISBN: 9781853962400