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Environmental Science in the Primary Curriculum

Environmental Science in the Primary Curriculum

June 1990 | 88 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The importance of helping children to understand the environment is now widely recognized and is well represented in The National Curriculum for Science. But what kind of `environmental education' is appropriate at the primary level?

The authors address this central question throughout this book. Science activities relating to the children's school environment are described and explained. The interaction or `encounter' of children with the environment is the pervading theme. In these `encounters' children are encouraged to find answers to their questions through scientific investigation of the objects, events or particular part of the environment being studied, either in the field or in the classroom.

Children and Their Environment

Aims and Focus

Children’s Encounter with Their Environment
Ways of Learning and Ways of Teaching

Setting up the Encounter
Assessing the Encounter
Giving Environmental Science a Place in the School Programme
Evaluating the Encounter

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ISBN: 9781853961274