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Environmental Hazards of War

Environmental Hazards of War
Releasing Dangerous Forces in an Industrialized World

Edited by:
  • Arthur H Westing - Westing Associates in Environment, Security & Education, Vermont

November 1990 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The implications of a major war in an increasingly industrial world would be far-reaching and incalculable. Releasing Dangerous Forces discusses the ramifications and places special emphasis on the fast growing potential for collateral effects: the release of dangerous forces from civil artifacts. The key issues at stake are not only the unprecedented loss of human life but also the threat to basic human life support systems, both economic and environmental, placing the future of all human existence in doubt.
Sverre Lodgaard and Mostafa K Tolba
Jayantha Dhanapala
Arthur H Westing
Environmental Hazards of War in an Industrializing World
Allan S Krass
The Release in War of Dangerous Forces from Nuclear Facilities
Jiri Matousek
The Release in War of Dangerous Forces from Chemical Facilities
Margareta Bergstr[um]om
The Release in War of Dangerous Forces from Hydrological Facilities
Jozef Goldblat
The Mitigation of Environmental Disruption by War
Legal Approaches

Arthur H Westing
Towards Preventing the Release of Dangerous Forces

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