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Environment and Global Modernity

Environment and Global Modernity

First Edition
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June 2000 | 272 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This accomplished book argues that we can only make sense of environmental issues if we consider them as part of a more encompassing process of social transformation. It asks whether there is an emerging consensus between social scientists on the central issues in the debate on environmental change, and if concerns about the environment constitute a major prop to the process of globalization?

The book provides a thorough discussion of the central themes in environmental sociology, identifying two traditions: ecological modernization theory and risk society theory.

Gert Spaargaren, Arthur P J Mol and Frederick H Buttel
Globalization, Modernity and the Environment

Frederick H Buttel
Classical Theory and Contemporary Environmental Sociology
Some Reflections on the Antecedents and Prospects for Reflexive Modernization Theories in the Study of Environment and Society

Gert Spaargaren
Ecological Modernization Theory and the Changing Discourse on Environment and Modernity
Eugene A Rosa
Modern Theories of Society and the Environment
The Risk Society

William R Freudenburg
Social Constructions and Social Constrictions
Toward Analyzing the Social Construction of 'the Naturalized' as Well as 'the Natural'

Arthur P J Mol
Globalization and Environment
Between Apocalypse-Blindness and Ecological Modernization

Michael Redclift
Environmental Social Theory for a Globalizing World Economy
Leonardus Rinkevicius
The Ideology of Ecological Modernization in 'Double-Risk' Societies
A Case Study of Lithuanian Environmental Policy

Pieter Leroy and Jan van Tatenhove
Political Modernization Theory and Environmental Politics
Ingolfur Bl[um]uhdorn
Ecological Modernization and Post-Ecologist Politics
Ernest Garcia
Self-Organizing Complexity, Conscious Purpose and 'Sustainable Development'

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