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A Contemporary & Global Approach

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October 2020 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Written by a team of leading international scholars, this new book treats entrepreneurship as an ever-evolving social phenomenon, and explores the recent trends that impact it, such as:
  • digitisation;
  • disruptive technologies;
  • the rise of the 'gig' economy and;
  • the growing importance of community-based and social entrepreneurship.
Including a mixture of case studies, examples, consideration of policy issues and exercises, this text provides practical perspectives of Entrepreneurship in support of key theory, while discussion questions, suggested reading and assignments help situate and test understanding.
Chapter 1: Entrepreneurship: A Contemporary Approach - David Deakins
Chapter 2: Entrepreneurship Practice: A Global Perspective - Li Xiao
Chapter 3: Diversity and Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurship - Paul Lassalle, Sakura Yamamura and Geoff Whittam
Chapter 4: Social entrepreneurship: Methods of, and challenges in, catalysing positive social change - Andreana Drencheva and Martina Battisti
Chapter 5: Resources for Entrepreneurship - Jonathan M. Scott
Chapter 6: Finance for Entrepreneurship - David Deakins
Chapter 7: Innovation and Entrepreneurship - Danny Soetanto
Chapter 8: Corporate Entrepreneurship - Jarna Heinonen
Chapter 9: Ethics and sustainability in business / for entrepreneurship - Inge Hill and Jonathan M. Scott
Chapter 10: Internationalization and Entrepreneurship - Jonathan M. Scott
Chapter 11: Business Models and Entrepreneurship - David Deakins


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Entrepreneurship is a rich and multi-faceted world. This book is particularly pertinent in that it covers important issues such as diversity in entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship, especially as policy makers face fundamental questions about inclusion and inequality in our societies and economies.

David Halabisky
Economist, Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

This text prioritises modern critical perspectives, with explicit focus on topics including diversity, sustainability and the international dimension. As such, the authors provide students with a wide-ranging introduction to the complex social phenomenon of entrepreneurship. Crucially, this is a book about entrepreneurship and not one simply aiming to provide a standard recipe for entrepreneurship. It therefore avoids the easy trap of privileging only one, West-dominated and cliched interpretation of what entrepreneurship is and why it matters – making it an invaluable reader to accompany any introductory entrepreneurship class.

Magnus George
Head of Department and Professor in Entrepreneurship, Department for Entrepreneurship and Strategy, Lancaster University Management School, UK

I love the focus on context and on diversity in this timely book. The extension of thought about community-based entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship is welcome, particularly as we have seen the impact of a worldwide pandemic through our economies and in our diverse communities. I see this as an ideal read for anyone interested in studying or simply understanding how entrepreneurship might look right now; in our own spaces or in the ever-changing globalised and disrupted economies of the world.

Jo Bensemann
Head of School, School of Management, Massey University, New Zealand

MSc International Business student to read the global approach towards entrepreneurship

Mr abdul muqeem
Chester Business School, Chester University
May 5, 2023

Very clear book with comprehensive information for students.

School of Planning and Landscape, Manchester University
January 8, 2021

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