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Entrepreneurship in Developing and Emerging Economies

Entrepreneurship in Developing and Emerging Economies

  • Ali J. Ahmad - Senior Teaching Fellow, University of Warwick, UK
  • Punita Bhatt - Senior Lecturer, De Montfort University, UK
  • Iain Acton - Partner, Disruptive Lemonade, UK

August 2019 | 336 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

An engaging book that introduces students to the ‘practice’ of entrepreneurship in emerging and developing economies.

The predominant understanding of enterprise and entrepreneurship (E&E) has emerged from the perspective of industrialized and economically developed countries, largely ignoring emerging and developing economies (EDEs). Further, business and management students are considered ideal for innovating business ideas unlike students of law, physics or literature.  Therefore, the benefits of E&E education fail to impact a vast majority of students from EDEs.  Entrepreneurship in Developing and Emerging Economies breaks away from these two trends, presenting alternative pathways to students for ‘practicing’ (as opposed to ‘just learning’ about) E&E. The content is made approachable, accessible and relatable, and ‘no’ prior learning is expected. 

The book uses non-technical language and introduces over 50 illustrative cases on enterprise and entrepreneurship from EDEs, aiding students to gain insights into the pre-start-up, start-up and growth phases of the entrepreneurial process. These phases are mapped into the three major sections—The Practices of Entrepreneurship, Enterprise Design and Start-up Enterprise Management. Each chapter moves ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ forward, helping students practice what they learn, retain new knowledge and understand the requirements to create new ventures and do business in an EDE context.

Key Features: 

• Closely follows a learning-by-doing approach, with case study analyses and reflective exercises 

• Chapters carefully designed to build familiarity, with photographs, illustrations and tables to aid readability and retention 

• Valuable resources for instructors including multimedia content, relevant preparatory materials, learning outcomes, assignments, examination questions and associated marking criteria, among others 

Section A: The Practices of Entrepreneurship
An Introduction to Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Practicing Creativity
Understanding and Doing Innovation
Making Entrepreneurial Decisions with Effectual Thinking
Section B: Enterprise Design
Customer Research
Applying Jobs-to-be-Done for Framing Problems
Designing New Value Propositions
Testing Value Propositions with Lean Start-up
Section C: Start-up Enterprise Management
Pitching to Potential Investors
Sales and Sales Management
Entrepreneurial Finance
Ethics and Professional Practice
Implementation and Operations Management
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