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Enriching Circle Time

Enriching Circle Time
Dream Journeys and Positive Thoughts

February 2004 | 86 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Yvonne draws upon her experience of using visualisation and positive thoughts with young people in Circle Time. Many teachers recognise the value of promoting aspiration and optimism for young people but they lack the resources and opportunity to introduce these techniques.

This publication fills that gap providing:

- twenty Positive Thought scripts, each of which is also provided as a photocopiable poster and in a colour version on the accompanying disk.

- eight complete Dream Journey scripts with teacher notes on how to prepare children for these powerful visualisation techniques and ideas for follow up work.

These techniques can be used in several settings, to enrich Circle Time, to provide themes for assemblies or in the classrooms as part of Citizenship and the literacy hour. Yvonne also uses them to relax children before SATs.

A wonderful resource on its own and links are made with key stage 1 and 2 targets including:

- Developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

- Preparing to play an active role as citizens

- Developing good relationships and respecting the difference between people

- Developing a healthy safer lifestyle.

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Chapter 1
Early Developments of Cicle Time Leading to Dream Journeys and Positive Thoughts

Chapter 2
Dream Journeys and Positive Thoughts in Context

Chapter 3
How to Begin Circle Time

Chapter 4
Typical Circle Time Activities

Chapter 5
Additional Ideas to Supprot Circle Time

Chapter 6
Introduction to Positive Thoughts

Chapter 7
Positive Thoughts Scripts

Chapter 8
Introduction to Dream Journeys

Chapter 9
Dream Journey Scripts


'This book by Yvonne Weatherhead represents an excellent addition to any busy teacher's collection. Packed with useful, creative ideas it significantly moves forward the national agenda with regard to Circle Time. Devotees of Circle Time strategies will find a wealth of new approaches between its covers whilst newcomers will find it an invaluable introduction. The book is extremely popular on all of my national training events. I personally look forward to the next instalment!' - Alan Peat, International Educational Consultant (

'Yvonne Weatherhead is a highly motivated, lively and confident woman, a natural leader who has inspired so many governors, teachers, parents and children who have been fortunate enough to come into contact with her. She is also a skilful writer who has a wonderful ear for language. Her prose is lively, entertaining, vividly realised and her stories have a particular appeal to children. All schools should have copies of her books'
Gervase Phinn, Best-selling author and public speaker

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