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Engage the Brain: Games, Grade One

Engage the Brain: Games, Grade One

April 2008 | 96 pages | Corwin
About the Engage the Brain Series

This practical resource gives teachers the tools they need to plan lessons based on how the brain learns best. Based on tested, research-based strategies, this book offers a variety of literacy activities, incorporating games to help students make sense of and reinforce learning. These activities give students the opportunity to not only play but also construct and design their own games, greatly increasing brain connections to the content. These strategies make a real difference to students' energy, motivation, and achievement.

Engage the Brain: Games, Grade One contains games based on national academic standards for language arts, math, science, social studies, physical education, art, and music. Some games are based on old favorites (such as Tag, Go Fish, Old Maid, Bingo, Follow the Leader, 20 Questions) and some are brand new, including:

Super Synonyms

Scrambled Sentences

Name That Book

Tricky Tangrams

'Mind Over Matter'

Relay Race

'Sensational Seasons'

Guessing Game

'Symbols and Landmarks'

Memory Match

'Secrets to Citizenship'


Animal Antics

Catch It if You Can

Take a Look!

Guessing Game

Name That Instrument

The 12 Days of School

Each game includes one or more learning objectives, a comprehensive materials list, step-by-step information for the teacher on how to prepare for and play the game, any necessary photocopiables (such as game cards, game boards, scorecards), and follow-up activities for extended learning. The games are presented in the brain-friendly lesson formation, including a focus activity, modeling, guided practice, independent practice, and closing.

Put It Into Practice
Language Arts
Social Studies
Physical Education, Art, and Music

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ISBN: 9781412959322