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Energy Security

Energy Security

Six Volume Set
Edited by:

November 2013 | 2 400 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The classic conception of energy security addresses the relative supply and safety of energy fuels and services. Yet the past three decades have seen both the emergence of new energy security threats, such as climate change, and new conceptions of energy security, such as definitions which focus on social stewardship, affordability, or innovation of energy research and development. The articles collated in this new 6-volume major work chart these significant developments, and place them in a wider context through a comprehensive and illuminating introductory chapter, written by editor Benjamin K. Sovacool and energy security expert Scott V. Valentine.

Divided thematically, the volumes cover the following topics:

Volume One: Definitions, and Concepts

Volume Two: Fuels and Technologies of Energy Security

Volume Three: Economic, Political, and Environmental Dimensions of Energy Security

Volume Four: Regional Perspectives of Energy Security

Volume Five: National Perspectives of Energy Security

Volume Six: Indices and Measures of Energy Security Progress

Daniel Yergin
Ensuring Energy Security
Aleh Cherp and Jessica Jewell
The Three Perspectives on Energy Security
Intellectual History, Disciplinary Roots and the Potential for Integration

Girijesh Pant
The Future of Energy Security through a Global Restructuring
David von Hippel et al
Energy Security and Sustainability in Northeast Asia
World Economic Forum
Selection from The New Energy Security Paradigm
Barry Barton et al
The Growth of Concern for Energy Security
Anas Alhajji
Dimensions of Energy Security
Competition, Interaction and Maximization

Larry Hughes
The Four R's of Energy Security
Drexel Kleber
The U.S. Department of Defense
Valuing Energy Security

Kevin Stringer
Energy Security
Applying a Portfolio Approach

Diversification of Oil Import Sources and Energy Security
A Key Strategy or an Elusive Objective?

Andy Stirling
Multicriteria Diversity Analysis: A Novel Heuristic Framework for Appraising Energy Portfolios
Frank Verrastro and Sarah Ladislaw
Providing Energy Security in an Interdependent World
Scott Valentine
The Fuzzy Nature of Energy Security
Felix Ciuta
Conceptual Notes on Energy Security
Total or Banal Security?

Christopher Cooper
Physics Envy
Why Energy Policy Is More Art Than Science

Amory Lovins and L. Hunter Lovins
Selections from Brittle Power: Energy Strategy for National Security
Alexander Farrell, Hisham Zerriffi and Hadi Dowlatabadi
Energy Infrastructure and Security
Worldwatch Institute
Peak Oil Forum
Janusz Bielecki
Energy Security:
Is the Wolf at the Door?

John Fohr
Selections from 'How NAFTA Can Increase Global Energy Security'
Daniel Yergin
The Natural Gas Revolution
David Hawkins, Daniel Lashof and Robert Williams
What to Do about Coal
Gavin Mudd and Mark Diesendorf
Sustainability of Uranium Mining and Milling
Toward Quantifying Resources and Eco-Efficiency

Nayantara Hensel
An Economic and National Security Perspective on Critical Resources in the Energy Sector
Massoud Amin
North America's Electricity Infrastructure
Are We Ready for More Perfect Storms?

Ron Binz et al
Practising Risk-Aware Electricity Regulation
Executive Summary

Antonio Pfluger
Renewable Energies: Challenges and Benefits
S Pacala and R Socolow
Stabilization Wedges
Solving the Climate Problem for the Next 50 Years with Current Technologies

Mark Jacobson
Review of Solutions to Global Warming, Air Pollution and Energy Security
V. Shunmugam
Breaking the Myth of 'Indestructible Energy'?

Alex Waegel et al
Hydrogen Highways
Lessons on the Energy Technology-Policy Interface

Chandan Mahanta
India's North East and Hydropower Development
Future Security Challenges

Richard Perez and Brad Collins
Solar Energy Security
Leet Wood
Projecting Power
The Security Implications of Space-Based Solar Power

M.V. Ramana
Nuclear Power
Economic, Safety, Health and Environmental Issues of Near-Term Technologies

Amory Lovins et al
Benefits of Distributed Resources
Seth Dunn
New Variable in the Energy-Environment-Security Equation

B. Sudhakara Reddy et al
The Benefits and Drawbacks from Energy Efficiency
Howard Geller et al
Polices for Increasing Energy Efficiency
Thirty Years of Experience in OECD Countries

Vaclav Smil
War and Energy
Larry Triola
Energy and National Security
An Exploration of Threats, Solutions and Alternative Futures

David Greene and Sanjana Ahmad
Executive Summary of Costs of U.S. Oil Dependence
2005 Update

Michael Klare
International Competition for Energy Sources
Macartan Humphreys, Jeffrey D. Sachs and Joseph E. Stiglitz
What Is the Problem with Natural Resource Wealth?
Susanne Peters
Coercive Western Energy Security Strategies
'Resource Wars' as a New Threat to Global Security

Jeff Colgan
Oil and Revolutionary Governments
Fuel for International Conflict

Marilyn Brown and Michael Dworkin
The Environmental Dimension of Energy Security
CNA Military Advisory Board
Selections from National Security and the Threat of Climate Change
Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Climate Analytics
Executive Summary of Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must Be Avoided
Denise Garcia
Warming to a Redefinition of International Security
The Consolidation of a Norm Concerning Climate Change

Michael Heazle
Energy and Human Security in the Asia-Pacific
Exploring the Human Security/State Security Interface

John Holdren and Kirk Smith
Energy, the Environment and Health
Adrian Bradbook and Judith Gail Gardam
Placing Access to Energy Services within a Human Rights Framework
International Energy Agency, United Nations Development Program, United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Energy Poverty: How to Make Modern Energy Access Universal?
GEA Writing Team
Energy and Security
Jan Kalicki
RX for Oil Addition
The Middle East and Energy Security

Saad Rahim
Regional Issues and Strategic Responses
The Gulf States

Gawdat Bahgat
Europe's Energy Security
Challenges and Opportunities

Paul Belkin
The European Union's Energy Security Challenges
Markus Wråke
Choosing the Future Nordic Energy System
Lila Barrea-Hernandez
The Andes
So Much Energy, Such Little Security

Priti Singh
The Politics of Energy Co-Operation in Latin America
Hossein Razavi
Reducing Energy Intensity and Ensuring Energy Security
Michael Wesley
The Geopolitics of Energy Security in Asia
Thomas Johnson
Central Asia
Energy Resources, Politics and Security

Anasua Basu and Ray Chaudhury
The Energy Crisis and the South Asian Security
An Indian Perspective

Shankar Karki, Michael Mann and Hossein Salehfar
Energy and Environment in the ASEAN
Challenges and Opportunities

Youngho Chang and Yao Lixia
Energy and GMS: Cooperation, Competition and Development
David Von Hippel et al
Northeast Asia Regional Energy Infrastructure Proposals
Michael Klare
Oil Wars in the South China Sea
Peter Johnston
Pacific Perspectives on the Challenges to Energy Security and the Sustainable Use of Energy
Yinka Omorogbe
Regional and National Frameworks for Energy Security in Africa
Freedom Onuoha
Geo-Strategy of Oil in the Gulf of Guinea
Implications for Regional Stability

Benjamin Sovacool et al
Exploring Propositions about Perceptions of Energy Security
An International Survey

John Deutch
Future United States Energy Security Concerns
Jae-Young Lee and Alexey Novitskiy
Russia's Energy Policy and Its Impacts on Northeast Asian Energy Security
Margarita Balmaceda
Corruption, Intermediary Companies and Energy Security Lithuania's Lessons for Central and Eastern Europe
International Centre for Policy Studies
Energy Security Challenges in Ukraine

Øystein Tunsjø
Security Policy Hedging against Oil Dependency
New Perspectives on China's Energy Security Policy

Ashok Sharma
India and Energy Security
Masatsugu Hayashi and Larry Hughes
The Policy Response of the Fukushima Nuclear Accident and Their Effect on Japanese Energy Security
Veronica Salas
Energy Security in Brazil
A Driving Factor for Brazil's Emergence in Our Increasingly Multipolar World

Budy Resosudarmo, Ariana Alisjahbana and Ditya Agung Nurdianto
Energy Security in Indonesia
Sk Noim Uddin and Ros Taplin
Toward Sustainable Energy Development in Bangladesh
Sheila Kiratu
South Africa's Energy Security in the Context of Climate Change Mitigation
Agwara John Onyeukwu
Resource Curse in Nigeria
Perception and Challenges

Malavika Bambawale and Benjamin Sovacool
Sheikhs on Barrels
What Saudi Arabians Think about Energy Security

Richard Leaver
Australia and Asia-Pacific Energy Security
The Rhymes of History

Bert Kruyt et al
Indicators for Energy Security
A Alhajji and James Williams
Measures of Petroleum Dependence and Vulnerability in OECD Countries
Eshita Gupta
Oil Vulnerability Index of Oil-Importing Countries
Edgard Gnansounou
Assessing the Energy Vulnerability: Case of Industrialised Countries
Thomas Neff
Improving Energy Security in Pacific Asia
Diversification and Risk Reduction for Fossil and Nuclear Fuels

Manuel Frondel, Nolan Ritter and Christoph Schmidt
Measuring Energy Supply Risks
A G7 Ranking

Jaap Jansen
Energy Services Security
Some Metrics and Policy Issues

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Extract from Index of US Energy Security RiskTM: Assessing America’s V ulnerabilities in a Globle Energy Market
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Extract from International Index of Energy Security Risk: Assessing Risk in a Global Energy Market
Andreas Kemmler and Daniel Spreng
Energy Indicators for Tracking Sustainability in Developing Countries
International Energy Agency
Measuring Progress towards Energy for All
Power to the People?

Benjamin Sovacool and Marilyn Brown
Competing Dimensions of Energy Security
An International Review

Benjamin Sovacool et al
Evaluating Energy Security Performance from 1990 to 2010 for 18 Countries

"This book, with chapters by some of the most distinguished energy experts in the world, is the most comprehensive work I have seen examining the concept of energy security. It provides essential reading for anyone with an interest in this growing global issue."

Dr. Vlado Vivoda, Griffith University

"An impressive compendium-lots to read, but valuable to assemble and worth the time."

Amory B. Lovins, Chairman and Chief Scientist, Rocky Mountain Institute

“An excellent and comprehensive resource.  It truly packs everything one needs to know about energy security into a single volume.”

Marilyn A. Brown
Nobel Laureate and Professor of Energy Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology

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ISBN: 9781446276082