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Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education

Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education

Two Volume Set
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July 2008 | 1 056 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The Encyclopedia of Bilingual Education in the United States is a two-volume work intended to be a comprehensive, first-stop reference work. It is tightly focused on the unique history, polemics, and the various forms bilingual education has taken in U.S. schools. It was written for use by non-specialists who wish to explore, in a comprehensive non-technical way, the intricacies of this subject from various angles: history, policy, classroom practice, designs and research bases. Readers may access information about the links between bilingual education and related subjects: linguistics, education equity issues, socio-cultural diversity, and the nature of demographic change in the United States.
Elsie Szecsy
German language in U.S. history
Kate Mahoney
Program Effectiveness Research

“This new encyclopedia provides an overview of bilingual education in the U.S. Editor González, a professor of education at Arizona State University, and a team of more than 150 academics and graduate students have compiled a work that examines all aspects of the field. Noting the difference between bilingual education, which is “the use of two languages in the teaching of curriculum content in K–12 schools,” and learning a foreign language, the editor states that this work covers the former.

The alphabetical entries include topics such as Americanization and its critics, Biculturalism, Deaf bilingual education, English in the world, and Language loyalty. The beginning of each volume contains a complete list of entries as well as a reader’s guide, which groups the entries around key themes: “Family, Communities, and Society,” “History,” “Instructional Designs,” “Policy Evolution,” and more. These themes will help users focus and provide ideas for research. The entries are one to five pages long and include brief bibliographies. A series of appendixes provides primary source documents dealing with legislation and litigation concerning bilingual education.

With articles on Spanglish and Spanish loan words in English as well as Southeast Asian refugees and World Englishes, this encyclopedia has a broad scope that will make it useful in academic and large public libraries serving those involved in teaching and learning in multiple languages. Also available as an ebook.”

Barbara Bibel

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ISBN: 9781412937207

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