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Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice

Three Volume Set
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April 2007 | 1 832 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
SAGE Reference is proud to announce the Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice.

This encyclopedia is designed to give understanding to the topics, concepts and ideas which have motivated and shaped the fields of activism, civil engagement and social justice as well as offering short biographies of all the major thinkers and leaders who have influenced, and continue to influence, the study of activism.

With anti-globalization rallies and acts of civil disobedience increasing in the western world, activism and social justice are topics of general public debate in the media. This encyclopedia looks to put into context the history of 20th and 21st century political and social activism and further the debate on social justice.

The Three-Volume Encyclopedia of Activism and Social Justice is a multidisciplinary work with contributions from the fields of: education; communication studies; political science; leadership studies; social work; social welfare; environmental studies; health care; social psychology; and sociology.

Brook Willensky-Lanford
Dorfman, Ariel
Brook Willensky-Lanford
Terkel, Studs
Brook Willensky-Lanford
Habitat for Humanity

"Useful for anyone researching social justice groups or social activists."

James Langan
University of Pittsburgh