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Empire of Knowledge

Empire of Knowledge
Culture and Plurality in the Global Economy

First Edition
  • Vinay Lal - University of California, Los Angeles, USA

308 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd
Offering a dissenting perspective on the politics of knowledge, this book is a powerful critique of the intellectual and cultural assumptions that underline the current processes of development, modernization and globalization. The author demonstrates that the world as we know it today is understood largely through categories that are the product of Western knowledge systems. His critique of the existing world order and his vision of possible futures encourage the reader to engage in the study of the West. Rather than merely reversing Orientalism, such a study would create a body of knowledge about the West that would enable people to better understand both themselves and the West. This important and lucidly written book deconstructs the cultural assumptions that have emerged alongside capitalism and offers a devastating critique of the politics of knowledge at the heart of all powerbroking.

Reckoning with the Millennium

Politics in Our Times

Governance in the Twenty-First Century

Modern Knowledge and its Categories

Ecology, Economy, Equality

Dissenting Futures

War without End: New Categories of Knowledge and Terror

Coda: Gandhi, the War on Terror, and the Fate of Nonviolence

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This is a valuable book which ought to be read and pondered over. It is provocative, and skeptical of many present-day nostrums.

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