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Eminent Indian Psychologists

Eminent Indian Psychologists
100 years of Psychology in India

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Braj Bhushan - Professor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur

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History of Psychology

September 2017 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Pvt. Ltd

Eminent Indian Psychologists: 100 years of Psychology in India presents a chronology of important research and noteworthy events in the field of Psychology in the last hundred years. Psychology as a discipline was first introduced in this country in 1916–in the University of Calcutta. In 2016 the hundred-year milestone was reached. Prominent psychologists of our times have documented this hundred-year journey and its highlights in this book. 

The book also chronicles the lives and work of eminent Indian psychologists, who helped make Psychology practice and research what it is today. Their contributions – research articles, monographs, books, etc.–have been listed and summarized. Some of this scholarship influenced psychologists all over the world. The book takes a retrospective look at the development of Psychology and discusses the contribution of Indian institutions and experts.

J.P. Das
Braj Bhushan
Centenary Year of Psychology in India: A Brief Review
Life and Work
Amitranjan Basu
Brajendranath Seal
Divya G. Mukherjee
Girindrasekhar Bose
Hari Shanker Asthana
Narendranath Sengupta
Nrisingha Kumar Bhattacharyya and Dipes Chandra Nath
Suhridchandra Mitra
H.S. Eswara
M.V. Gopalaswamy
Ram R. Tripathi
B.L. Atreya
Hari Shanker Asthana
Kali Prasad
Amal Kumar Mallick
Sudhir Kumar Bose
Jyoti S. Madgaonkar
B. Kuppuswamy
Satishchandra Kumar and Anjali Majumdar
Trivikram Ramchandra Kulkarni
Chandrashekhar Gangadhar Deshpande
Vasudeo Krishna Kothurkar
Ira Das
Chandra Mohan Bhatia
Satishchandra Kumar and Anjali Majumdar
Fr. Joachim M. Fuster
Mithila B. Sharan and Ram R. Tripathi
Syed Mohammad Mohsin
Ran Bijay Narayan Sinha
Awadh Kishore Prasad Sinha
Vinod K. Kool and Rita Agrawal
Hari Shanker Asthana
Namita Mohanty and Ajit Kumar Mohanty
Radhanath Rath
Vadakkupet Swaminathan
T.E. Shanmugam
Akbar Husain
Anwar Ansari
Giridhar Prasad Thakur
Bishwa Bandhu Chatterjee
Ramesh Chandra Mishra
Durganand Sinha
Indira Jai Prakash
Hosur Narayana Murthy
Satishchandra Kumar, Heena Kamble, and Anjali Majumdar
Shrikrishna Vasudeo Kale
Girishwar Misra
Lal Bachan Tripathi
Anuradha Bhandari
Piara Singh Hundal
Dinyar M. Pestonjee and Surabhi Purohit
Udai Pareek
V. George Mathew
E.I. George
Satishchandra Kumar, Anjali Majumdar, and Tejal Dhulla
Madhavrao Babasaheb Ghorpade
Vishnu Vasant Gavraskar
Sharadchandra Shankar Kulkarni
Raghubir Singh Pirta
Sheo Dan Singh
Rauno Parrila
Jagannath Prasad Das
Sonali Bhatt Marwaha
Koneru Ramakrishna Rao
Akbar Husain
Moazziz Ali Beg
Nandita Chaudhary
S. Anandalakshmy
Satishchandra Kumar, Anjali Majumdar, Heena Kamble, and Braj Bhushan
Bishwa Nath Mukherjee
Rama Charan Tripathi
Mohan Chandra Joshi
Satishchandra Kumar, Anjali Majumdar, Tejal Dhulla, Heena Kamble, and Aarti Ramaswami
Prabhakar Anandrao Bhagwatwar
Chithprabha Kudlu
Suresh Kanekar
Ahalya Raguram
Gurpur Gaurishankar Prabhu
Dharm P.S. Bhawuk
Jai Ballabha Prasad Sinha
P.A. Baby Shari and P. Sethu Madhavan
Muneer Ahamed Faroqi
Bhaskar Rambhau Shejwal
Madanlal Narsingdas Palsane
Manuel Mendonca
Rabindra Nath Kanungo
Ram Charan Tripathi
Anand Chintaman Paranjpe
Satishchandra Kumar, Anjali Majumdar, Tejal Dhulla, Heena Kamble, and Aarti Ramaswami
Chandrashekhar Gangadhar Deshpande
Anjali Joshi and Satishchandra Kumar
Kishor Moreshwar Phadke
Honey Oberoi Vahali
Ashis Nandy
Manasi Kumar, Anurag Mishra, Amrita Narayanan, and Ashok Nagpal
Sudhir Kakar
Akbar Husain
Afzal Kureshi
Akbar Husain
Dinyar M. Pestonjee
Braj Bhushan
Sagar Sharma
Rita Agrawal
Vinod K. Kool
Mewa Singh
B. Krishnan
Satishchandra Kumar and Anjali Majumdar
Fr. James Filella
Satishchandra Kumar and Anjali Majumdar
Nirod Mukerji
Suresh Vijayaraghavan
S.P. Adinarayan
Ram R. Tripathi
Shyam Swaroop Jalota
Soumi Awasthy and Gurpreet Kaur
Sohan Lal
Soumi Awasthy and Gurpreet Kaur
W.T.V. Adiseshiah
Psychology in Retrospect
Braj Bhushan
Psychology in Retrospect

The overview section takes the reader through the journey of Indian psychology since its establishment, the opening of Indian Psychoanalytical Institute, the academic exchange program, the post-Independence massive extension, and finally the present scenario.

Section 2 comprises of criteria of academic leadership and leadership in professional environment including scientific contribution. It ranges from authors born between 1864 and 1939, approximately in an ascending order.

The last sections is a retro perspective of the psychology field depicted by 18 important questions and answers by eminent psychologists. Overall, the book takes the reader through a journey with interesting insights, which were never brought under one umbrella.

Business Perspectives and Research, May 2018

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