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Access quality research through Egyptian Knowledge Bank

Egyptian Knowledge Bank

The Egyptian Knowledge Bank (EKB) is an online library archive, providing access to learning resources and tools. In January 2016, EKB offered free access to more than 92 million Egyptian citizens, including educators, researchers, students, and the general public.

SAGE Publishing is proud to be part of the national project, providing quality research and education materials across several disciplines including Science, Technology and Medicine, Health Sciences, Engineering, Business and many more.

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How to create your account:

  1. Visit and click Register
  2. Select the required portal
    Note: To select "Researcher", you must use your institution's internet network
  3. Complete the required fields and click Submit
  4. Check your email for access details and temporary password
  5. Log in and start your research!

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Note: For first time use as a “General Reader” or “Student”, you can access anywhere inside the Arab Republic of Egypt and register for a free account.

Your EKB access includes: 

Training resources

Visit the resource pages below for useful tools that will help you navigate SAGE Journals and SAGE Knowledge, such as video introductions and interface tips and tricks for individual users, as well as tools designed to help librarians deliver training and information sessions.

SAGE Journals Resources

SAGE Knowledge Resources

Please feel free to email Ahmed Ibrahim, our dedicated EKB trainer, to discuss additional training and resource needs.

Marketing materials 



Additional SAGE products

SAGE also offers the following digital resources that are not currently available via EKB. For 30 days of free access, complete our trial form.

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Please feel free to email Ahmed Ibrahim, our dedicated EKB trainer, with any questions you may have about your access.

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