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Effective Meetings

Effective Meetings
Improving Group Decision Making

Third Edition

February 2014 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This book is inteneded to help students and professionals become more aware of group decision making processes and how each member contributes to it to make better quality decisions. The first part addresses rules for effective decision making. Then the book covers such as issues as recruiting members, preperations for meetings, building an agenda, and the positions and roles required for effective group decision making. Subsequent chapters deal with the chair and participants and the various types of groups, such as boards, advisory groups and staff groups and finally it addresses electronic meeting formats.
Chapter 1: The Modern Decision Group
Chapter 2: Recruiting Meeting Participants
Chapter 3: Preparations for Effective Decision Making
Chapter 4: Templates for Action
Chapter 5: Achieving an Effective Meeting: Mechanics Of Decision-Group Process
Chapter 6: The Chair
Chapter 7: The Member
Chapter 8: The Staffer
Chapter 9: The Executive/CEO
Chapter 10: Roles in Meetings
Chapter 11: The Board
Chapter 12: The Advisory Group
Chapter 13: The Staff Group
Chapter 14: Elements of the Decision Process
Chapter 15: Managing the Decision-Building Process
Chapter 16: Evaluating Decisions
Chapter 17: A Concluding Note: Developing a Perspective
Appendix 1: Embracing the Digital

Used in Fall 2013 Semester

Dr John Hudgins
Social Science Dept, Coppin State University
April 16, 2014

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